Friday, February 18, 2011

500th Post = Liminality

Just in case I needed to be reminded that warm, sunny days are about to be my constant, the view of my burgeoning fig tree awaiting spring.
Happy 500th post! How do I celebrate? Since I had intended to post my Mondo List for this milestone I had to come up with something else. Today's milestone post? Taco Party worthy indeed. Minus the body bags, illegal fireworks, and yes tacos.

So how about before the recap, a (very) quick look back in a bizarre 3rd person interview with myself. Play along and comment today.

Why start this blog? Summertime 2007 competition with a couple of friends with one year olds trying to reach productivity among chaos.

Name for blog? From the Tori Amos song "Tear in Your Hand." Be glad I didn't go with my all time fav album. 1989's Pretty Hate Machine-NIN. Considered the name Reznor Vinson. Ok, not really but it was a great joke since Ben had a due date of 06/06/06.

Milestones- Have managed to post 4-5 days a week consistently. Took the entire month of October, 2010 off from all social media including blogging, FB, Twitter. HARD but worth it!

Started a 2nd Freeze Ahead Food blog, twice, that is often neglected as a red-headed step child. But since I alone use it to quickly find my own recipes it's staying put (for now). Major goal once life slows down to digitize my entire recipe collection. Likely never to happen.

Write for a Family Disney Blog "Growing Up Disney" as a Minnie Mom. Guest post up next Friday about doing WDW with a 6 month old. Necessity- one kick ass momma bag that holds everything.

Currently in a Fitness Competition with Bill (and others) to move 500 miles in 2011. I'll add I'm closing in on 150 miles. It's February.

Favorite posts- Tie for the top posts that make me laugh Open Letter to Mickey Rourke, Hot House Action. Runner up- Redneck Rivera Recap , Prerequisite: Scooby Doo Shirt Required

Sentimental- Welcoming Bennett Davis, Welcoming Ian Joss

Past participation in friend's blog series- Participated in Finished for Friday, Phone Photo Friday,and currently Show Me the Mommy

My Own Past Blog Series with favorites- Waiting, Tales from the Little Potty, 10 for 2010

I never expected that a summer to do list with 70 items would lead to this ongoing place that is purely mine. While I do write about my kids, my family, occasionally work as a high school teacher, it's my space to collect the rambling, the funny, the serious, the things I have a hard time saying outloud.

It's proof that even the ability to put it out there, even when I regret the overshare, is evidence that I am not the same person of 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 6 months ago.

From chronicling my thirtysomething life whether just for me or the friends that stop by to read and occasionally comment, I'm so glad I kept a good thing going.

So with the last 500 posts behind me, where to go from here?


1. the transitional period or phase of a rite of passage, during which the participant lacks social status or rank, remains anonymous, and shows humility.

2. the condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a process

3. a psychological, neurological, or metaphysical subjective state, conscious or unconscious, of being on the "threshold" of or between two different existential planes

4. Me. A changed mind, body (in progress), and soul. A lasting sense of happiness and contentment that only before were glimpses. While not completely because of this blog, but definitely supported because I wrote about the movement from one place to another.

Happy 500th.


Anonymous said...

FIGS! Please, oh please share some with me this year if you end up with too many! We're *finally* planting a couple of fig trees in the orchard this year, but I'm sure they won't fruit right away.

Okay, I need to go back and read the rest of your post. Seriously - I stopped reading after your first sentence when I was blinded by fig envy.

LauraC said...

DANG. A word I did not know to start the post. Well played, Heather.

Now you understand why I blog. There's something so magical about putting your stuff out there.

Beth said...

Wow Heather. Number 4 is awesome. And I'm so glad you're willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's inspiring and helps me to know I'm not alone. Can't wait to follow along with the next 500! (And I LOVED seeing you at Laura's. It felt like we get together like that all the time. Your boys are absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see you again!)