Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And in the Shortest Month of the Year,

February Month-Long Goals on the horizon:

1. Make a work plan that does not involve after midnight work. A cut off of 11 pm would be even better. Work Smarter Not Harder is my mantra this month. Picking up more work/$$$ is not worth regretting this sweet WAHM deal.

2. Sleep- Get it, no less than 6 hours. Did I not learn anything from the nuttiness of the summer into fall than protect it however I have to?!?

Along those lines, don't write/send anything more than an grocery list on no sleep without a serious sp/gram check. Good God what went out on Sunday night just before I fell asleep sitting at the kitchen counter at 1:30 am.
See #1 again. Repeat as needed.

3. Register Ben at our base school and throw our hat in the ring for magnets. Try to hit the 3 school open houses. My gut is telling me that the base school is going to be my default but I can't let this go knowing just how many opportunities exist.

4. Appointments: 2nd plastics consult, dermatologist.

5. Bill's Birthday. He already bought his gift, but Ben lives for a good party. Most likely involving doughnuts.

6. One new date night idea with Ben. God help me but thinking I am going to set up a preschool "Minute to Win It" in our house.

7. Log 20 miles/week and/or 300 mins of exercise. Add more outside runs to prep for races. I will trade tv/internet wasting for exercise daily if something has to get cut for the almighty sleep.

8. ONE Date night with Bill. Not on obligatory V Day but maybe for a joint bday/vday with NO kids.

9. Get the ball rolling on getting out of this house". Start getting some recommendations for Realtors to come tell us what we need to do to prep this house aka $$$ Pit to get it on the market in 2012.

And I'm off for a(nother) great month.


~Kristina said...

That looks like a great list for Feb.

wraith said...

The wife of my buddy Jeff at work is a realtor and lives in Holly Springs. I can get you her info if you want. Oh, and she's a liberal too! ;-)