Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do, Did, Didn't

I DO need to be grading papers, updating parent and school contact logs, calling students. I'm not for the next hour. I have to take some time off tonight. I'm waiting on the "relax at home" in the WAHM gig to start up.

I DID spend WAAAAY to much time reading through the tons o answers to the tons o questions I posed to the surgeon in the running. Much discussion gone down this month about logistics, timing, recovery, really needing some help with the kids. Very ready to get a date on the 2011 calendar.

I Didn't need the awkward silence when I ran coming up to stay for a few days to help with the boys from family. Nor did I need a story about someone who had massive complications following elective surgery. How about non-judgmental support? I'll take that.

I DO need to reconsider moving forward on the current working situation. I'm beat with all the late nights trying to get the test item contact finished and keep the 3 classes running. 6 more new kids since Monday. I totally acknowledge that I took on too much this spring and scale back for summer and fall. Say that last sentence again, outloud, and then don't negotiate.

I DID think that taping both the Indy 500 and MotorCross cycle racing was a good idea. Anything not to watch Minute to Win It in nightly rotation.

I Didn't need to spend the time to write this blog post, but I took an hour break to watch Good Wife and reconnect with life. Good call. Will Gardner time is always well spent time. Going on year 22 for my big ol' crush on Nawanda.

I Do need to keep up with the daily TO DO list, even if making it brings on convulsions that it just can't all get done. It's the only way I remember to do anything outside of writing it on my hand. I'll never get it all done, who does?

I did take Bill up on his offer to write a computer program to help me manage some of the tasks added to my online classes that are monotonous and crazy time consuming I love him.

I didn't (or wish) I hadn't taken Ben to the Grocery with me yesterday. What is it about the grocery that brings out the very worst behavior. I punted on date night with him because of the Come to Jesus Meeting about wandering off, again.

Thinking that even if I move around am teaching and nap time for Ian (Yikes) that it's worth it to go without him. I seriously feel like the worst parent ever after almost every trip due to the stress. At least this time I didn't hear my name over the loudspeaker.

Big ol' WHINE of a post. That's all I got folks, to bed, to bed.


LauraC said...

How many interventions do we need to stage? Too much work! Not good!

LauraC said...

How many interventions do we need to stage? Too much work! Not good!