Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Operation: Parent Fail

The Plan: As soon as I was able to finish up with my students to get in the car and drive 2 1/2 hours to Charlotte to IKEA to pick up a bookshelf for Bill's office.

On the way home, stop for about an hour at the NC Zoo on our way home as a reward for good behavior all weekend.

The Actuality: Left here later than planed, took an extra time at IKEA when Bill decided to also pick up a coffee table and a lamp.

MY IKEA trip? One pack of napkins. I'm a super cheap side-kick.

In the car I check the Zoo'a website for hours and see if we can get there by 4 then we would have an hour before closing. Posted is 9-5 daily.

The Fail: Cars still at the Zoo, so I assume that all is ok. I ask Ben to name the 4 animals on the polar bear side he wants to see most as this is going to be a short visit. Bill takes Ben in as Ian is sleeping and I start working on writing test questions in the car to make use of the time and quiet.

Within 5 mins I see Bill carrying a sobbing child as the zoo was operating on winter hours and had just closed.

Serious Operation Parent FAIL. Much promised for a return visit soon filled with cookies, rainbows, and a call ahead to make sure I have the hours correct.

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Carrie77 said...

LOL!!! I always seem to have great ideas like this, too, and then something takes longer or something happens, and POOF, the dominoes start falling! ;) But, hey, at least you got the IKEA shopping done! I heart IKEA.