Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Me the Mommy- Team 317

***Warning, ABC After School Special ahead***

Read on the pics are worth it.

Earlier in the week Bill and I were contacted about being interviewed for MoveIt#2011. We talked it over and wanted to do a joint interview later this spring so we could include pictures of Bill's first 1/2 and my first race in March.

For good measure I also want to include a pic from the Cary Road Race in April that we now have decided to run as a family in the 1 mile fun run category. This is a request from Ben who loves to run around the track at the park. When offered with the chance to run with mommy, daddy, AND Ian he was all in.

Last weekend I posted the following pic to facebook with the update, "I've cleared 103 miles to date in the MOVE IT #2011 Challenge. Vinson vs. Vinson competition is on like Donkey Kong."

The bottom line is that the two people competing are no longer married, fat, sedentary, and living to eat together. Bill would also say (as I) that while we are not thinner but definitely healthier than we were at age 16.

When Bill was involved in this challenge last year I was insanely jealous of his weight loss and personal goal adding running to his post surgery plan. After all I was 38 weeks pregnant on super swollen feet at his first race.

I could not be more proud of how far he's come, how far I've come. It's not just about a competition between us. Other than weekly negotiating who gets what nights/days to exercise this competition is really against ourselves.

To know us today is to understand how much choosing weight loss surgery saved our lives. It gave us years back to enjoy our kids, to support each other, to not live in a shell of a life destine to life out a fat, unhealthy, and unhappy existence.

For the all reasons we both personally took a leap of faith in going the surgery route, I can tell you that its not about the miles or the time each week spent adding movement. It's about being totally committed to living each day with a grateful attitude for what we have back. It's also about supporting each others major lifestyle change day after day.

From this: June 2004 in Vegas where we drank and gambled our way down the entire strip on our final night.

To this: Jan 2011 heading out for my birthday dinner which we split and still came home with leftovers.

317 lbs gone. 2 people lost and 2 people gained.


Goddess in Progress said...


Spectacular. Seriously.

I can't wait to get back to exercising and back on the wagon. If only I could drag my husband with me, who is unfortunately going the other direction. So many unhealthy habits, zero healthy ones. But I know as well as anyone, you have to come to these decisions on your own. Best I can do is to do the right thing for me.

Anonymous said...

You and Bill are amazing! How awesome will it be in a few years when Ben and Ian are out there challenging you both to some familial competition?

Ms Mae said...

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

expecially that you could do it as a family!

Carrie77 said...

I am in awe over how many miles you are getting in this year! You are doing wonderful, congrats to you AND Bill! BTW, thank you for the thoughtful card in the mail. So sweet of you. I have stopped running for a few weeks due to everything happening around me, but plan to get back into it soon. I feel bad, but I know I need this break right now. Good luck on your future race(s)!

Wendee said...

Wow. You both rock! Wow wow wow! :D