Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Flowers Required

I take that back, I will ALWAYS take my fav yellow lilies any day of the week.

Bill and I have a rule of nothing over 10 bucks for VDay. Usually we exchange cards only and do a small basket for each child. Ben got the basket-o-Diabetes tempered with two new books, Lego City Construction and an uplifting book about Monster Trucks.

LOVE this post about spending Vday with boys. Make that little boys that love their mammas.

We had a fun Valentines day weekend complete with making cookies. Hence we divided the batches into 1. Ben decorated = no one will eat 2. Heather Decorated = given to teachers, my friend Eileen as a thanks for watching Ian last week, and Bill's office.

All weekend it was really beautiful and warm. We took advantage of any and all chances to be outside.

The littlest Vinson turned 10 months yesterday. We celebrated by going to library story time, getting new books, and taking the dog and Brother Ben to the park before a VDay dinner at home.

At 10 months of yummy baby goodness Ian: pulls to stand, cruses furniture, stands with a hand holding on, steps in place. Puts everything and anything in his mouth. Hates to be confined in any type of equipment or a car seat. Likes to play peek a boo and claps. Still thinks sleep is for the weak with a hit or miss nap more days than not, is eating table food, hates to be fed and wants to feed self, loves cheese (MY boy), still has no teeth, refuses all attempts at using a sippy.

At our 9 month appointment he weighted 18 lbs and was 28 inches tall. A growing boy can't even begin to describe him. He loves any and all noise. Especially those he can make or repeat. He recognized his name usually with the word "baby" attached, NO, and I swear he makes some sound that resembles a MaMa.

In the past month he actively wants Ben to play with him and Ben is all too happy to show him the tricks of the trade. My house constantly sounds like a bus station and looks like a Hot Wheels factory mixed with play kitchen equipment explosion.

Watching them together is all I ever wanted. Minus some extra sleep and a mute button.

Happy 10 months my little Valentine.

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Katrina said...

Happy Valentine's Day (late)! The cookies look YUMMY! I love decorated cookies :)

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