Friday, April 29, 2011

Bring it April, and I DID!

Monthly round up and baby I was on fire.

1. Keep the good thing going on the whole sleep and work thing. Minus this post SC run/loss of the weekend this week catch up I have been averaging 6... wait for it... sometimes 7 hours a night. I feel awesome.

2. Cary Road Race. DONE! Only folks running with a decked out stroller with balloons and streamers.

3. Celebrate Ian's first birthday. That kid loves some cake I tell you. Simple, family, perfect way to celebrate my now Toddler. Sniff, Sniff. Don't make me regret that we are done and I am letting the 3 in the freezer go end of year. Remind me of the odds and insanity of triplet possibility.

4. Ben's 5th party booked and it doesn't require adults in swimsuits. Score. All bets off for next year in a post surgery body!

5. Family Pictures at Duke Gardens. Jon-jon induced cuteness guaranteed. Be still my heart these pictures are breathtaking. Need to post some favs now that I think about it.

6. Book spa treatments for summer sorority reunion at the Grove Park Inn. DONE and Heatha Hendricks will be breakin' it down all weekend with drink in hand by the pool.

7. Continue logging min 20 miles or 300 mins per week. Minus a big zippo last week between the beach to SC run I'm over 300 miles. Starting 30 Day shred on Monday because I am insane and also on the days I don't make the gym I won't feel as bad (literally)

8. One new date night idea with Ben and one with Bill. NOPE on Bill, plans for Hangover 2 in May with a sitter for the kids. One Ben date night did include the Monster Jam Truck show aka "Can I get those 90 mins of my life back." Actually I admit I loved it and cat called like the SC resident in hiding I am.

9. Another SC run. Done until drive through on the way to Florida next month. I pulled out all the stops for a nice Easter for my mom. Repayment will be spending first ever mothers day with my boys only.

10. Get going on the getting out of the house goal. Realtor on board, landscaper starting monday, waiting on a final estimate between two contractors for the inside work.

May is going to be INSANE. Warning now that you might want to keep your distance as we finish the whole house clean out, deal with interior work, outside work and then list. Oh and it's the end of Ben's school and the final 30 day push for my students who are all under the gun to finish or not graduate.

Not stressful at all I tell you. At least there is a Florida road trip at the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A boy mom edition #109759

Mission: Yesterday afternoon dodging rain storms, returning clothes, buying t-ball gear, attempting to buy mother day cards.

Reality: Play it Again Sports is like Hoarders for sports equipment addicts. Could not even push a stroller among all the crap on the floor. Score for taking back Bill's (yes Bill's) sports equipment for store credit. Glove purchased, strike out on pants. This kid needs extra small (how about, "will blow away in a strong wind" size) for Sat am practice.

Then Ben found this: and proceeded to wear it out of the dressing room wearing only his underwear. On backwards as to see the pictures, telling everyone within earshot "Do you like my transformer underwear? I like my transformer underwear. My brother can't wear Transformer underwear, he's too little. He only wears stinky diapers."

Then we hit Marshalls looking for cheap kid's flip flops to replace those Ben destroyed wrestling with Connor at the beach. No interest in flip flops. Instead he wanted to try on girl shoes, and he convinced me to join in. We then made it to Old Navy to make returns. Mid return and I looked over and he was pulling the mannequins pants around her ankles. Then mounting the fake dog. THEN licking, yes licking, the fake dog's head. So wrong and funny all at once. As I was wrapping up and pulled him off the dog the man behind me said, "I have three, I understand."

We never made it to Hallmark to buy cards, I was too wiped out to risk him likely breaking free of my death grip to peruse the cards. My good friend and mom to two elementary boys reminded me last night, "wait until you are shopping for the athletic cup, you will know your status as a boy mom for sure."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

11 %, No way.

No way that my little guy is only 11% for weight. At his one year appointment yesterday he was just over 20 lb, 70% for height and 49% head circumference.

Really? The way this kid packs it away I would have guessed at least 30 or maybe 40% after his measly 5% last visit prior to all table food transition.

This from the kid who is a bottomless pit morning, noon and night and eats more than me at most meals. For example his breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, a cup of YoBaby, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with 1 banana, and 1 cup of strawberries mixed in. Add to this 1 of 5 sippy cups of milk by end of day. I need a cow or maybe a home equity loan to pay for his upkeep.

Ben lives on crackers and air, Ian on whatever he can get his hands on. Literally.

His dr didn't see any real concern as according to his chart, he is tracking right where he should be as tall and thin. Given the increased food consumption in the past month all thoughts he will catch up much like his brother. Ben has grown by my count at least 5 inches in the last year.

The whole, "this is the end of the baby train" has really hit hard in the last month. Not that I want to be up multiple times at night or have the new, newborn phase insanity again, I'm just a little sad it's close to over and I will never do it again.

In the past few weeks we have traded all bottles for a sippy he will take after trying the last 3 months to find one he would actually drink from and not fling at the wall, floor, dog, himself.

The only other thing of note was we have a referral to a pediatric ENT for rule out of something more than the tracheomalacia he was diagnosed with at 2 weeks. At every dr appointment this year we have asked if we needed to consider a referral, and at every visit we were told he will grow out of this harmless condition by 12-18 months. Simply put he has a floppy airway that sounds like he continually has a cold, or is a 2 pack a day smoker.

But instead it seems like the wheezing and low gurgle is more pronounced than at 6 or 9 months. In the past weeks we have noticed that sometimes it seems he is gasping to breathe. Luckily he did it in front of the doctor warranting a definite need to be seen by a specialist.

On the side note, the doctor added "my what an active one you have." I added he's only trying to keep with his older brother. I think the source of the 11% may just be his activity level that is through the roof and food doesn't stand a chance before being burned up.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have Testosterone, Will Travel

Back from the beach, back from Easter weekend at my moms. Back to electricity and a big pile of school work, getting the house on the market in 4 weeks, life in general. I have a feeling my May is going to be a one way ticket to crazy town.

My friend Chrissy and I have been talking about doing a beach trip for the better part of 2 years. Like many ideas we have involving corralling the 4 boys between us it just hasn't happened. Chrissy and I met 10 years ago when our husbands were working at the first of FOUR (yes four) companies they have since worked together. It's a bad joke now that where one goes the other follows.

So after a 4 hour late start (image someone equal to or later than me), a van packed to the gills with beach stuff, boys stuff, baby stuff, mom stuff, snacks, video games, and yes actually children we headed to the beach for a 2 night stint in her mom's rental house.

We took turns driving, taking kids to the bathroom on pit stops, answering work phone calls for both our jobs, talking to husbands who were at one point going to do a guys trip to Kings Dominion amusement park (note this did not happen), making food, feeding kids, bathing kids en masse, collapsing into a margarita haze once said boys were in bed.

Once there we took turns keeping the crazies at bay, convinced children that the beach was more exciting than video games (major glimpse into life with elementary aged boys), walked on the pier, ate seafood, played at the park, and chased Ian who took to the beach like a fish to water.

Seriously this kid was born to live at a beach in cut offs and flip flops in his future life. Nothing phased him, not the sand, the water, the relentless "fun" the older boys had digging a hole and putting him in or covering him in sand, or dragging him on a float. This list goes on that he loved every minute and is telling of our summer plans including 2 beach trips.

By Thursday afternoon we packed up, took the boys on the ferry and headed home. But... what trip wouldn't be without some need for material to write a comedy set.

Enter an hour once on the road with 4 hangry children who all need to go to the bathroom. Enter a pundunk-ville one stop light town, with a Piggy Wiggly supermarket and Family Dollar as the only options in town for clothes.

Enter into Beaulahville, NC. Someone (like me) said let's stop and sit down to eat. Famous last words, "Hey isn't that a Western Sizzlin' steak house?"

Famous last words and I kid you not this was the place of my childhood with a salad bar that contained non-salad bar options, like fried fat back.

Over an hour later after 4 bathroom trips, 2 baskets of rolls, undoubablty some of the worst food ever consumed, and yes a photo of me trying the fat back later we were on the road home.

Just in time for me to head out 12 hours later for the weekend SC run.

Nice to be back, nice to have electricity again, nice that I am not trapped in a van with 4 boys anytime this week. Nice to have friends that only because of our husbands work did we ever meet but when it comes to the phone it in Moms Club we are charter members.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

99 Words and We are Road Tripin’

To follow up with on the uber long post of yesterday to one of the SHORTEST ever:

FINALLY got power back last night. Lost my fridge and part of my freezer but STILL so very glad for the extent of our damage.

Pray for us around 8 am. Heading to the beach with long time friends and kids. Think 4 boys under 8, think there will be chocolate and wine consumed to counteract the testosterone overload.

While I do have work each day with power I am caught up from the weekend. I have all any and all reasons to be outside, enjoying the beach, watching the V boys take on the P boys. Simply enjoying a break from the past few weeks of (un)fun. Perfect Timing.

I will be heading on Friday to SC for Easter weekend. Back Monday friends.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Direct Hit or Why I should have gone with Plan C

The bottom line is everyone is ok and save a blown out screened in panel on my porch and lots of sticks in the yard our house was unscathed. Ben and I were very, very lucky during Saturday’s tornado.

This is a long (ok longer than even normal for me, but after a couple of edits I feel compelled to just post it. Read on for how after finally beating 2 weeks of poison ivy, sickness from all 4 of us, I had the best week ever ending in a tornado.)
This is a story of “more moments of (not) great parenting along with I have a major character flaw of snap judgments resulting in not thinking of consequences.”

So to back up mid week I knew that a bad storm was going to hit likely Sat afternoon. We had some plans that started to shift including getting together with friends who have moved to NC from Tulsa.

After talking Friday night and checking the forecast they decided they would go ahead and come. It was the best weekend before their 2nd baby arrives in May and to quote my friend, “uh, we just moved here from Oklahoma, I can do bad weather”. The plan was to meet up with the friends in the am before the storms arrived so that all could get home. Plan B was to ride out bad weather in the museum if it hit with the worst of the storm. I live 20 mins from downtown and know this museum well so we moved ahead with Plans A and B.

I should have made a Plan C. Again, bottom line is that person and property all are ok and minus the lack of power that is expected until Tuesday we are good. Ben’s preschool took a direct hit hence the pictures of the fence and also the house next door to the school. We live about 2 miles from the school and again, minus debris no one had major damage in our neighborhood.

So here in order was the list of why I SHOULD have gone with plan C:

1. I was running a good 30 mins behind from the time I got up, got my hair cut, drove back to drop of Ian, finally found parking, met friends for brunch, got the museum. Not surprising that I am late. I am late everywhere I go no matter what I do to leave sooner. An extra kid has not helped.

2. I lost my watch last fall and have yet to replace. I keep my phone tucked in the bottom of my bag after losing it last summer so I continually ask everyone around me what time it is not to take it out over and over and risk losing it again. I also forget to charge my phone so it usually has little power. Sat was one of those days so I turned it off thinking I would just keep asking Amy what time it was and save my power for the drive home.

3. I should have checked for downtown street closings. At least 2 major events were going on and all parking was gone anywhere close to the museum.

4. The museum was crowded with people on an ick Sat as well as coming in from the downtown events. Being they had never been to Raleigh/museum we wound up staying much later.

5. I kept checking out the weather from the window as my plan was to be home by 2 pm. I even asked a staffer what they do in case of a full on evacuation to shelter.

6. Thinking it was getting close to 2 we parted ways. The kids were crashing so we quickly said good bye and we left. I forgot to ask what time is on the way out and didn’t think to pull out my phone to check. (here is my best reason ever to buy at watch)

7. Get to the car after walking several extra blocks and realize it was not 2. It was 3 pm. I call Bill and get voicemail. Try him again, voicemail. Decide that he is likely asleep so all must me ok at the house. I didn’t think to turn on the radio or check my phone as realizing it’s late think just let’s go (NOTE this is my character flaw in all its glory, a snap decision without thinking or consequences.) I could give you lots of examples including getting poison ivy 3 times in 3 years, kids falling out of Bumbos. The list is endless and as a mom I’m frankly embarrassed that I can’t do better with this part of myself.

8. Start to drive out of downtown and since there are still lots of road closures have to take several detours, all good I know downtown. Only light rain and almost no wind as we get onto the beltline home.

9. When we get about 15 mins from home we hit heavier rain and now wind is starting to push my car into the other lane. I start thinking what businesses are on the next exit that we can get inside and by this point we would have to drive at least 5 more mins once off the exit to a grocery store. I am only one exit away from getting on the last road home so I again think just push it and get home, likely you are ahead of this storm. I later found out the storm was going close to 70 mph and was something like 50 miles wide!

10. I get off and head down the road towards my town as I’m getting closer its starts to look like nighttime as it was black outside and lighting is hitting all around us.

11. Thinking of every big building left on the way home I can’t think of anywhere closer than my own house by now and don’t want to be outside my car with Ben risking us getting hit by lighting. It was so close that there was no time between the struck and the thunder and I think we have to be safer in the car. I gun it and run a red light and pass through town. On the way a tree is blocking the main intersection.

12. I take side streets and avoid branches and huge limbs and see broken power poles/trees/debris everywhere.

13. We are home in the next 5 mins just as the sun is breaking through and the rain stops.
Lucky, damn lucky that I should have gone with my gut (and the Plan c) of getting out of the car and getting into any open business when my car was being blown by the wind. I also should have called Bill again but once home realize that all cell service was knocked out ahead of the storm. He had been trying to reach me to tell me to stay put and ride it out (plan B).

There are few things as scary as thinking how if I had been in that intersection about 10 mins earlier that we would have been directly in the path of the storm.
Yes to a really bad call and yes that I need to scribe to the weather warning on my phone. Yes that I need to buy a watch, yes that when I have a gut feeling I need to act on it. A big resounding YES that I need to work on the “think this through Heather” snap judgment mentality. When my kids’ safety is at stake there is nothing else that should be important.

No need to give me a big old “told you so” you can on what I’m sure will be the next bad snap judgment you see going down you can point out so please do. And maybe buy me a watch and remind me to plug in my phone.

Very glad to have put my kids to bed even in a dark house and to know we dodged a direct hit.

Friday, April 15, 2011

If a picture was worth a thousand words

I *think* he enjoyed his cake.

And by *think* I mean he shoved his entire piece in his mouth.

A wonderful day (minus the no nap may I add), but still under the most perfect of April days to celebrate many years to come.

Thanks for happy birthday wishes for my extra, extra sweet (literally) Ian.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


And on the day you were born...I kissed the face of God.

Happy birthday my beautiful blue eyed, strawberry-blond boy. You were everything worth waiting for, hoping for, praying for. Re-reading your birth story makes me smile and also a little sad to know that you are quickly transitioning to a (very) active toddler who idolizes his older brother and is quick to laugh as Ben's favorite audience.

Over the last 12 months you have gone from helpless to self reliant, from a baby who didn't want to sleep to a toddler who still thinks sleep if for the weak, from sweet infant coos to full on screeching mama/dada. Watching your relationship with Ben develop makes me smile. Yesterday at the park when Ben was intent on telling everyone that my brother is one and "you should tell him happy birthday."

While you are not walking unassisted, you are so very close as you step in place, realizing you are standing alone before collapsing under your weight. You are fast and sneaky and a common reply from those who are around you, "wow, he's a burst of non stop energy". Yes, over overhead as my common response, "I'm on the two boy weight loss plan."

It's hard to look at a child you wanted so very badly and not carry just a little bit experience with you every day of that child's existence. Not that I am going to be screen printing t-shirts for your first birthday with that sentiment, but I agree that infertility changes your conception of pregnancy and the anticipation of a dream realized.

I am among the moms who understands something they wish they didn't. Those moms who are carrying around a little extra thankfulness to be in the sorority of motherhood after a long process to be there.

So on this first of many, many birthdays to come know how much I/we love you. How much even in the most difficult times of the last year you were always the reason to get up, to make it to the end of the day, to realize that motherhood demands flexibility, and that I was given the 2nd chance to do it all again for a reason. You helped me realize that I needed to slow down, reconsider my priorities, and not miss the best years of my life. Mostly, that I am enough just to be called mom.

Ben and Ian, my sweet boys, you are all my reasons.

Happy 1st birthday most precious Ian,

love mom-

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Most Worthy of its own Theme Song

~Heather: The only person I know with her own theme song. Ok, so that was in the sorority days but she's funny enough to deserve one. Heather is another of my sorority sisters whom I have reconnected over a shared love of Disney. She came to it kicking and screaming, but she's a fan now nonetheless. I was delighted when our travel dates overlapped and we were able to meet up for tea at the Grand Floridian.

Such was the intro from my friend's Disney blog earlier this week on the 1 yr anniversary recapping some of the guest posts.

She nailed me to a T I tell you. Yes I really did (still do if you were to read Fb comments from old college friends) have a theme song. Complete with a dance and obnoxious lyrics best belted out room to room in our sorority house by Shon, Stacy, or Amy K.

Those were the days, right. It got me thinking about the evolution of friendships, esp in light of how easy it takes Ben to find a playground playmate. I've been lucky to have had a great group of girlfriends in high school that I literally grew up with from preschool on. We all keep up through Fb and have managed to see on another at least yearly in passing through on the way to SC.

Speed forward to college and I joined a sorority, much to most anyone's surprise. I'm NOT a sorority girl (wait, I do have a 3rd generation silver pattern and do own some monogrammed earrings, does that count?) But, in general I'm not what you would think of as a Delta, Delta, Delta can I help ya kinda girl. I namely joined to make friends. And I did with my pledge class, non-sorority roommates that I later lived off campus with for 2 years, and believe it or not also an ex of Bill's from freshman year.

I am looking forward to a sorority reunion this July at the Grove Park Inn with my old friends for a weekend of spa treatments, good food/drink, sitting by a pool with drink in hand sans kids for 48 hours.

This weekend the above author who so perfectly pegged me is going to be in Raleigh so we are getting our families together. Her family has recently moved to NC about 2 hours away and is making their first trip to Raleigh. Fun to show off my home for the last 12 years.

The evolution of friendships over time to now adult friendships both in person and those we keep up online does take effort. An effort to make sure that the relationships don't get relegated to the back burner in place of kids, spouses, work. All the things that I personally can talk myself into being more important rather than taking the time needed to catch up.

As an ESTJ personally I need to be out and about and around others. I know that when I don't make it a priority, then the walls start to close in. This morning I'm getting together with a friend who I taught with a decade ago, we reconnected at another school be both wound up teaching. We both happened to be off with new babies this past year so things kinda fell into place.

We've been trying to walk at a local park once a week when we can manage to get out of the house. Today, we are heading to Logan's for plants and a midday outside lunch while the babies play. Nice to have a reason to have on earrings and maybe if she's lucky makeup too.

Oh, did I mention that my sweet Ian will be ONE tomorrow. Not possible that a whole year has passed. I actually got a little choked up when someone saw us yesterday and asked me if he was my youngest. Yes the youngest and always my baby, even at 18 when he is most likely going to be 6 feet and all boy. Sniff.. SO not possible tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You might want to remind me that I did willingly ask for what's coming in the next 6 weeks and likely summer when I am stressed out and whining.

As of yesterday morning we have a realtor after the barrage of potential agents in the last week. By Sunday afternoon on the 8th agent I swear I could have recited all the features of our home by heart. It felt like a Christmas pageant with everyone gunning to be Baby Jesus.

We went with an eerily looking agent to Phil Dunphy of Modern Family. He seemed to really know this area, didn't blow sunshine about what we needed to do to list in a crappy market, in general exuded a higher level of professionalism. Please no comparisons to Phil and his words of wisdom or the fact that he plays a freakin' realtor on the show. Something tells me Phil COULD NOT sell a katsup popsicle to a lady in while gloves unlike the perception of our agent.

Bill and I over the weekend came up with our big, ginormous list of room to room decluttering plan. We are taking ownership over zones of the house with a deadline of May 30th to have everything cleaned out, packed up, and extra moved to a rental storage unit.

I'll be honest while we don't live like packrats we do just have a lot of STUFF after 10 years, 2 kids, pets in this house. We also set up a budget for improvements as well as a moratorium on all non necessary spending.

I will be gone later this month for almost a week and then in Florida for another week in late May. My hope is Bill can use the time to tackle some of the bigger jobs sans noise/kids/general level of nuts in the house. Our goal is to knock out the punch list of items to be done to be market ready by June 1st.

So yes to an insane, crazy next 6 weeks. While I hope we can sell by end of summer as well as be moving before Ben starts school or within the first months, I also know that we may be here another 6 months to a year based on the current market.

The reality is we SHOULD have started this in January, but we didn't. To take advantage of the best season of the year to show our house (ie. screened in porch, outside yard, plants in full bloom) we don't want to bypass the summer. At least we finally are moving on this long standing goal instead of complaining that we are on top of each other in this 1400 square paradise (make that 1600 once we get the unfinished bonus permitted).

So help me God if anyone shows up looking like this guy A REAL IMAGE FROM A LOCAL REALTOR's site (luckily, none that we interviewed), I am running scared.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Race and Mac Daddy Race

The pox on the house of Vinson is starting to lift. Laying low did us all good this weekend. As the boys were feeling good by Saturday morning and Bill's cold was better we opted to go ahead and run the 1 mile family fun run as part of the Cary Road Race.

Luckily the rain held off long enough for us set Ian's stroller decked out in balloons, a happy birthday banner, and the birthday boy himself in a cute ONE onsie. It was everything I had hoped for to meet Mondo Goal #32. Ben was overly excited to be racing and we let pull ahead in the last .25 mile so he could cross the finish line first.

He was beside himself to be the winner over the rest of the Vinson clan.

Up next was Bill's first 1/2 marathon. Last year he ran his first race, the Raleigh Rocks 5k, same race this year just the 1/2 option. Wow what a year to now have 4 5ks and now a 1/2 under his belt. Afterwards I arranged for him to use up part of a massage package I had purchased. I took the kids and met up with a friend so he could return to a quiet house and crash.

Last year I was a sobbing mess watching him cross the finish line in what now seems like a million (miles) away. In part due to being 38 weeks prego and also the sheer excitment for him. No tears this year, just a quiet undersanding that this is a new normal for us. The one where we now have a Go Mommy/Daddy Go sign that is traveling from race to race.

Have sign, will travel :)

Somewhere overheard in the last 48 hours how crazy would be be to do Vegas 1/2 marathon for our 40th birthdays together?

Crazy thoughts? Or just the start of something bigger?!?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Phone Photo Friday- A Case of the Mondays times 7

UNCLE Universe. I totally hear you and apologize for ticking you off.

This week has been an example of 7 straight days of SUCK.

As much as I really (no really) try to keep it positive in this space I gotta say this week hands down has been horrible. Just to recap in case you want the litany of Hell.

Sunday- Baby shower is a success minus that I had a full on head cold and sounded like I had been chain smokin' Kools 10 mins before it started. I intentionally tried not to touch any food or stand anywhere around it in hopes of not spreading the misery. I got home and Bill was out the door for a loooong training run for the next 2 1/2 hours.

Took the boys outside, paid Ben $ to pick up sticks and pine cones and Ian played on a blanket. I mistakenly (again) picked up poison ivy after swearing I didn't see if around the same place I got it last year. I tried to stop it Sunday night but alas it was full on by Monday am. Worked until midnight grading and making up the loss of time from LAST weekend in SC. I'm really behind and have been all week. It's midterm, it's push time with 7 weeks left and also spring break for their schools over the next weeks. We don't get a spring break so I feel like I motivating no one.

Monday- Even sicker with the cold and poison ivy. Work all day and make myself go to the gym once I get Ben. As insane as this sounds I take advantage of when I'm sick and not eating much to really work out and bust off weight. I know it's BAD idea. No need to tell me, but I do it every single time because it's always a kick start a plateau. Ian and Ben also have colds but seem to be getting better. Bill is staying far away from all of us to avoid being sick with race day in 6 days.

Tuesday- Repeat of Monday misery, this time with the chore of grocery shopping added after the torrential rain passes. Kids better, my cold is better but poison ivy spreading. I run 3 miles, walk 2 in the afternoon. Feel ok and bail on a nighttime commitment when a work meeting runs way over until almost 9 pm and I feel like crap and not sociable. Realtor visit while Ian was napping so lost time working so I make it up unit 1 am.

Wednesday- Ben had puked in the night, mainly dry heaving and was better by am but keep him home. Ian better, Ben is in time out before 9 am for hitting Ian and talking back to me. Oh brother, looong day ahead. Cold better, but poison ivy is spreading to both arms and to leg. Skip all gym due to kids sickness and walk the neighborhood for the dog. Another 2 Realtors appointments while kids in quiet time. Thought about cancelling but it's late, I give them the upfront about the pox on my house. Loose any work time and work I kid you not until 3 am. SOOOO not a goood plan as I kept falling asleep and having to redo work to get it in by morning deadline.

Thursday- Ben has been puke free 24 hours, seems ok and is jumping off the cough so I take him to school. Another potential realtor dowb, then go see a house in an attempt to start looking at neighborhoods in play. SHOULD have cancelled, but really want to be out of the house as a friend is keeping Ian. Cold almost gone, but poison ivey has now spread to both legs and I'm trying to keep it wrapped up (see pic above). I missed getting Bill's help in wrapping it yesterday and Ben refused when I asked him to hold the end. I wind up using the kitchen counter and it's a mess resulting in more itching all day. NOTE: Ben V will never be a doctor with THAT bedside manner.

Bill comes home early by 5 sick with my cold, pissed about the 1/2 race he's been training for now in jepordory (rightly so). Get the Ben has puked call after lunch. Ian thankfully takes a nap. Ben sleeps then puked all over the couch and floor by 3. Fun. No luck to get an morning Dr appointment for a steroid shot we split the kids and I take the non sick one.

ALSO in the file it under stupid and obstinate, I will do must anything to avoid taking a round of steroids. After having walking pneumonia and packing on a 6 lb weigh gain that SWEAR I still have not lost from steroid treatment, I always try to avoid them. YES I would rather be sick than fat. SO much wrong with that :(

I consider walking the 2 miles to the dr as it's close by and I've now gone 48 hour without exercise and I know the more days I miss the harder it is back. Not a fast walk, but thought I could do it with the jogging stroller. I opt (by some good sense) to drive. We wait 30 mins in which time I run into people I know who are chatty and I am not. Gotta love small town living.

The poison ivy is bad to the point that I am prescribed antibiotics to treat where it got into a cut. The shot really, really hurts. Probably because I was holding a squirming Ian as I forgot the stroller and he was full on wild after all that waiting.

Get home, take the dog out, make something to eat for all concerned. Punt on book club as no one needs to be around me and my walking germ factory self. Grade until after 1am as I missed time again today. We have a front runner on agents and by Monday will be done with this part of the process. Again we are at the point of do this now or wait and miss the window.

Friday- Ben will be home all day, we are staying put, laying on the couch with the puke bucket and Mom working to get caught up. Ian will be Ian into everything. Bill may (I really hope) work from home so he can take a nap and work on getting better and hope upon hope help me with the kids. Uh.. have I had a nap all week, even on the 3 hour of sleep day).Ben puked in his bed about 11 pm, got him cleaned up in time for Ian up near midnight crying but he thankfully is back in bed. He has been sleeping until 6:30 all week. Something positive. Really.

Next week has, has, has to be better. Cary Road race a bust this weekend for me and the boys (very glad this was not my original first race), disappointed but if we can get everyone well by Ian's birthday that is a better goal.

The final realtors and a landscaper coming this weekend. There is a definite post on the intentional speed up but man I tired and going to bed.

Thanks for hanging in there if you are still reading. Give my your address and I'll mail a co pay. Really I will as only someone who really love me or is possibly I would have to pay for the session would hang in there with me.

PS. I love you people for NOT telling me that 1. things can be worse (I know, I don't need the guilt) 2. Working out while really sick is a bad idea 3. not taking a medicine because I fear weight gain is STUPID. Yeah to all so don't say it.

Back Monday with a better attitude, hopful poison ivy free body and no cold/sickness for any family member.

Ugh. UGH times 7

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Better Late than Never

So much for a 4/1 month goal post, 6 days late sounds like my MO for life. Always 10 mins late for life. I read that Elizabeth Taylor's funeral started intentionally late per her desire to commemorate her predilection for tardiness. uhm...may have to consider that for my will.

April Goals already in progress, some already accomplished.

1. Keep the good thing going on the whole sleep and work thing.

2. Cary Road Race this weekend. Only running the 1 mile family fun run with Ben and Ian, but what a happy 1st birthday for my sweet boy.

3. Celebrate Ian's first birthday. Mainly a family focus, but in the last days have thought about a small pay it forward as a personal celebration. More to come but just thinking about the possibility is smile inducing.

4. On the birthday front, get Ben's booked for June. Checking out several options. Top contender is a pool party, but want to check on expected parent participation. Can't think of a nice way to say, "expect to be in a swimsuit" in the invite. Our gym has a beach entry and all kids that can't swim are in life jackets. Thinking on this one as the May/June birthday party onslaught is time consuming for parents. Don't want ours to be a dreaded party.

5. Family Pictures at Duke Gardens. Jon-jon induced cuteness guaranteed. I'm from SC so I get a pass for one shot in sweet smocked goodness. Seersucker pants and white bucs on Ben would push it, right? Like I could ever get those clothes on him unless I allowed wind/athletic pants in all the other shots.

6. Book spa treatments for summer sorority reunion at the Grove Park Inn. DONE and now dreaming of 48 hours sans children, sitting by a 5 star spa with drink in hand.

7. Continue logging min 20 miles or 300 mins per week. Have hit a plateau in the weight loss dept, trying to change up cardio and did spin, fartleks, and weight training in place of 2 days of running last week. My knee is acting up again, think I may need to be seen to prevent injury.

8. One new date night idea with Ben and one with Bill. May date night?- Hangover 2 for sure.

9. Most likely another SC run to help out with mom. Brian needs it and on some level I do to to live with myself long run.

10. BIG huge, already rolling plan: Get going on the getting out of the house goal. Interviewing realtors this week and a need get going on the laundry list of repairs. Still most likely no way until much later in the year to actually get it on the market, but Bill and I are ready and together on making this a priority for 2011.

Bring it April, I plan on spending any and all reasons outside loving my 2nd favorite month of the year.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Man Cold vs. The Mom Cold

Like a 2 pack a day smoker, that's what I sound like as of Friday night. Both boys have colds so likely the fun was spread around.

I'm trying to knock it out early so it doesn't turn into a man cold. Moms are allowed one man cold a season, and I'm all out.

Man Cold: that debilitating sickness of epic proportions defined by complaining,whining and a total lack of parental responsibility.

Mom Cold: defined by no one in the house even noticing the plethora of medicines on the kitchen counter. I woke up the dog coughing last night. Fun times.

In the meantime I owe myself an April goal post, the weekend round up of babyshower hostin' and monster truckin' with Ben. Definitely opposite ends of the spectrum. Luckily the shower co-host did SO much work, food prep, super cute decorations. I felt like I kinda showed up with the cake, mixed some punch, took some pictures. The mom seemed to be was happy with the final product.

The boys and I went to the park and finished up some yard work once home while bill finished a training run for his 1/2 next week. Grass mowed, weeding started, flower beds tilled. The boys played with a ball on a blanket and wore each other down. I had the first realtor out on Friday, two more this week. Hearing the (long but expected) punch list is kicking the desire to get moving into gear in a good kind of way.

I have a feeling things are about to be crazy/busy(ier).