Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On My 36th Trip Around the Sun

Last year on my birthday post Half Life at 70 I referenced how much I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle for my family and myself.

2011 is all about the healthier year. I will be kicking it old school before noon today with a hopeful 4 mile run in my new running shoes that I LOVE.

I had planned to post my Mondo List for my upcoming 500th post on this little blog that could (ever get written.) Somehow the events of the week given this icky waiting, I'm posting it today. My hope is each dream will be realized in their own time and that this list is only a starting place.

From October 4th, 2010 at the conclusion of Mondo Beyondo eCourse I gathered all my scribbled on legal pads scraps and formed a master life list and publicly posted it to our tribe of classmates.

I'm sending it out again, even more publicly **YIKES** in hope that as courage unfolds Yes, By Yes, By Yes the list will be realized.

Before even counting the final tally, abandoning keeping anything off with all bets off to dream and write, lo and behold before me was 36 items.

Thank you universe for that little wink and nod as well as the time to dream.

Dreaming that my life will be filled by:

1. Not living with diabetes or any other long term, debilitating illness
2. Modeling compassion and kindness with family & also to complete strangers
3. Find a reason to move every, single, day because I can
4. Challenging my sons to be independent, motivated, & unabashedly brave to try new things
5. Appearing on stage in a self-written comedy set and have other laugh
6. Making priorities with my time and then not negotiate with myself
7. Fighting for education reform because it’s immoral to let anyone’s children settle for a lifetime of missed opportunity
8. Finding a way to stay home until I am ready to be back working full time
9. Finally take the final step from my 147 lb weight loss with plastic surgery
10. Being happy with the body I have today, as I work daily to exercise and maintain a healthy life in anticipation of the surgery
11. Deciding if we are a family of 4 or a +1, +2, +3 and what to do with our 3 frozen chances at life. Consider adoption if it feels right.
12. Listening to all the archives of This American Life and build a collection of favorites for my kids.
13. Taking certification to become a certified labor doula and help celebrate many birthdays
14. Saving enough money to fully fund both boys' college funds
15. Getting remarried in a beautiful place in a beautiful dress
16. Learning to forgive myself and then actually do it regularly
17. Taking an online refresher class in grammar and spelling, because I NEED TO.
18. Practicing living in the moment with my kids as much as possible
19. Celebrating my 40th birthday with a legendary party, a TACO PARTY complete with body bags and sparklers!
20. Learning how to not compare to others and be thankful for the abundance I have
21. Traveling, with family, with friends, by myself
22. Continuing to build and support a tribe of friends
23. Learning to love the life I lead with no regrets
24. Owning the perfect pair of jeans that matches a wardrobe of flattering clothes
25. Living out my retirement in a sunny, warm place with four distinct seasons
26. Helping my kids live in a world of opportunity, happiness, and to help them believe that childhood dreams are attainable
27. Binding my blog since inception and make a practice to do this each year of writing
28. Leading an NCCAT session for other teachers
29. Supporting other moms struggling with post partum depression & help seek treatment options
30. Ending therapy but continue to use all the tools and self knowledge gained
31. Finding a church home that we all agree on to raise the boys
32. Training and run a 5 K race near/on Ian’s first birthday
33. Learning to be vulnerable & ask for help when going the solo route feels better
34. Attending my 20 year high school reunion & be content with the person I introduce myself
35. Learning to make peace with what I cannot change.
36. Practicing grace and humility towards the universe in hopes it will return

And one to grow on,
"Accept that enough is all I ever need to be for today, or anyday"


laughingmama said...

Awesome list! You can accomplish this and so much more but simply being the person you are is all your boys will ever need. You are wonderful at EVERY age!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world! Love your list. For #5 I want to be in the audience! (I won't heckle, I promise!) #13--awesome!#17--I think you just need to SLOW DOWN and you'll catch 95% of your mistakes. :-) But this is a great book, too: Blue Book of Grammar.

Hope you have a wonderful, love-filled day!

LauraC said...

LOVE that you shared the list. You know I'll help you in whatever way you want for any of these. Take pics of your wedding? Fart in the pool at your taco party? Jean fitting at Nordstrom? I AM THERE.

Jen Murphy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I think you will make a great doula some day! You are already a very compassionate and caring person and it shows in every way. You are also a very determined person and I have no doubt your life will be filled with all the wishes you listed.