Monday, February 28, 2011

Finished for February

Last day of the month. In keeping up with smaller, more manageable month-long goals in 2011. This was a big ol' month of FAIL on many goals.

Here's the recap:

1. Work Plan that involves not working past midnight. Massive fail on all levels. Retooling thinking amount of summer courses as well as picking up big item writing contracts. I STILL do not wish to be punching a 6:45am time clock for a day of demoralization, but still I'm slipping back into ave 5 hour nights to get it all in. For me to stay at home and do all the things on the horizon I do need to be working, but the amount is negotiable.

2. Sleep- Massive Fail. It's amazing how much better I feel and can do when I get just one more hour of sleep. I think 6 is my magic number. Shooting for it in March. On that note we are on another crazy early waking and/or nap strike from Ian. Good God child you have to sleep. Today he was up just after 5am and took all of a 45 mins nap all day. Paired with lots of late nights I am running on empty.

3. Ben/Kindergarten decisions- Sat through 6 dog and pony shows in little chairs. Punted on the last two in favor of the time to finish the contract (not at 3 am). Filed our application online with only one school listed. Most likely we will be at our base, but someone has to win the lottery.
Why not us?

4. Dr. Appointments- Done and Done and Done. Included was my unrehearsed decision ending therapy in the next couple of months. What I could have bought with all that money? Just like staying in this house, I never planned to stay so long.

5. Bill's Birthday- Preschool selected decorations, brownie covered Oreos, I was asleep by 9pm. Semi-Fail with redemption soon with an adult dinner out.

6. One new Date Night location with Ben. Also a massive fail, as I have not actually been the one doing date night with him once all month thanks to work. Huge thanks to Bill for picking up my slack.

7. 20 miles or 300 mins- SUCCESS. Will clear 200 miles this week for 2011. The one bright, shining spot this month was serious stress reduction by exercise.

8. Getting Going on Getting out of this House- Have started asking around for realtor referrals so only a partial fail.

At least there were only 28 not 30 days to feel like every day I was drowning. Lots of time logging the miles exercising thinking about retooling the sleep/working issues in March and into the rest of the semester.

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LauraC said...

Not to any way rain on your parade but the biggest lesson I have learned in the last 4.5 years with two kids is that I need to rein it in and prioritize. Personally I can fit three things "extra" in my life on top of my job and family... running, reading, and photography. Every time I try to do more than that, something suffers.

DUDE if you need evidence of this, the last two weeks I read some books and took some pictures and I PHONED IT IN on the parenting front. But I knew it was short term.

I came out of Mondo ready to tackle the entire world but it always come back to time and priorities.

Also Alex was up between 5:30-6:30 until he was FOUR. Some kids are just early birds! And one 45 minute nap and he was good to go.