Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrap it Up- January 2015

Oh January, you didn't trick us with cold, snowy days.  Rather, we've had mild days, lots of sunny weekends and LOTS going on in the first month of the year.  

In January I/we

-celebrated the new year with a quiet, at-home celebration
- first urgent care/ER visit of the new year went to mom 
- started flag football and soccer skills/drill preseason practice (Ben)
- registered for kindergarten (Ian)
-met with the Principal and Dean of Students at another NC high school piloting the AP Capstone my school is set to launch this fall.  I am excited that these are baby steps into making this program reality.    
- wrapped up one semester with students that I will truly miss and learned just shy of 90 new names for new students taking US History II this spring
- extended birthday weekend.  First, with a Pioneer Woman themed dinner party (d'oh... still need to post pictures, if for nothing else THE FOOD!!)
-Then, on my actual birthday which was spent at the beach with the boys watersliding out butts off
- I also finished three books although my Goodreads account has grown mold I'm so behind in updating. For 2015 I set a much more realistic 30 books.  
-Saw the movie Selma in an actual movie theater, followed by beer to discuss the historical accuracy.  Man, those Social Studies teachers.... you can't take them anywhere. 

By far my favorite decision of the month were the decision to send out to the Universe "paper flowers" to build a garden of great memories and wishes for the next 40 years.  I am so, so glad I didn't second guess myself that this was a selfish and indulgent request of my friends from current times to those who knew me in a different phase of life.  Opening my mailbox to find most January days since the original mailing to read the return slips have made me laugh out loud, stifle back a sob, or mostly be forever grateful for the many relationships I've had that have made my life rich and full. 

This is truly a gift from the Universe.  

That unfolded bit by bit

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mom down

I should post pictures from my recent 40th birthday, but instead I gotta tell you from this chair, where I am parked and watching the Miss Universe pageant that I am indeed a mom down.

Earlier today I took the boys over to Durham for the day as it was a beautiful, and unseasonably warm January day.  We started out at the Nasher museum of art on Duke's campus where there were having family day complete with special events including Scrap Exchange and a lesson on gilding.

Both boys loved building and then gilding their creations. Then we headed over to the  Durham food truck rodeo and check out a former teacher colleague turned food truck owner at All American Burgers.  Since it seamed that all of Durham had the same idea we decided to head back to Duke to the Sarah P Duke gardens.

It was gorgeous outside and after a rainy start to the weekend, the high 50s and sun was a blessing.  all was going well until we were cleaning up and mom fell down some stairs.  The boys were surprised to see mom and not them rolling around on the ground.  Luckily I didn't break anything, but my ankle quickly began to pull up so I limped my way to the exit.

For the rest of the night I parked it, iced it, and made plans to have a friend pick me up for work as Bill was concerned that since I was holding on to the walls, counter, the kids to move from once place to place that I likely didn't need to drive myself into work.  I also consented that I would take a walking stick in with me just in case I needed something to lean on in moving around my classroom.

Some first impression for the students I just met last week.  In all honesty, I'm very happy I didn't break anything as having a big ol' cast doesn't sound much fun.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Last weekend we made our weekly trip to the nearby library.  Ian had decided that he was wearing these Jeff Spicoli sunglasses all day, to church, to the grocery, and yes to the library (including inside)

All I could think of as I took a quick picture was Ian was channeling a mini Marty McFly.

I can't believe this boy is almost 5. FIVE!

Monday, January 12, 2015

40 Wishes for 40 More, Part I

As the first post of the new year I wanted to share something that I have been working on since the holiday break.  I would like to say it was some great idea I saw on Pinterest, but alas I quit looking at the time sucker that Pinterest is over a year ago.  Sometime recently I was out walking the dog and thinking about how much I don't want to turn 40.  I also was thinking about how much I am excited for the party I am hosting this weekend that is part Pioneer Woman Potluck, part Cards Against Humanity Showdown, part night filled with good friends that are my extended family.

Then I got an idea. As a take away from the party I decided that I would send out what I was calling a "paper flower garden" to the guests asking for their favorite memory they had of our friendship as well as their advice on reaching the next 40 years.  I ran the idea by my friend Jen who set up the original invitation to make sure it wasn't tacky that I was sending from myself.  The last thing I wanted to do was saddle anyone with having to take on a mass mailing.  She made some wording changes which I appreciated her thoughts and nod of approval. By earlier today the last notes went out, hopefully to arrive by mid-week.  

Here was what I sent to not only the party guests but some other friends from my adult life to back from high school.  I took some thank you notes in my favorite color, lime green, that I found at Target modified them with heavy cardstock with the message.

I then took scrapbook paper and cut it into strips and added a flower to each.  I loved the ones I found from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection at Michaels. I actually had fun matching up flowers to backgrounds.

 The result was a paper flower garden ready to be enclosed in each note.

Lastly I included an addressed, stamped envelope to make returning easy.  Over the holidays I hit up my favorite one of my favorite stores, A Southern Season, and found this beautiful handblown glass jar to keep all the wishes when they return.

Friends over the years have served as my extended family, many times surrogate family.  I wanted to find a way to let them know how much I appreciate their friendship over time.

I can't wait to see what the Universe returns to me.