Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

No expectation that the Superbowl will be mentioned in this post. Alas Bill and I are most likely in the .01% who don't watch the game and instead finally got around to watching the Social Network after Bill's months long resistance.

My Friday call to punt on the SC run was exactly what I hoped and needed. Instead of that 12 hours of driving and loss of the weekend I put it to use.

Massive amounts of work Friday and Sat nights and a chunk of Sunday to get all 3 classes 1st progress reports created, grades uploaded, personalized messages, and OUT! Making a promise it's the only super late night this week.

Needless to say picking up 2 times the students this semester I'm cutting and pasting my way into smarter time management. I'm still picking up new kids so the next weeks are still going to be hectic trying to play catch up.

Dinner with friends for a birthday Friday night, 5 mile run for me and 6.5 for Bill, make up t-ball class for Ben, grocery and party supply pick up, catching up on sleep, loads of laundry.. the list of stuff done goes on.

Best, spending time with the kids relaxing watching Wipeout eating pizza Sat night and then playing outside on Sunday.

Busy week of 2 magnet elementary school visits, appointments including plastics take 2 this am, attempt to finish another 30 miles this week on the treadmill. I also have 2 more batches of questions to draft and submit by Friday.

I made the right call. All plans to go in a few weeks. My mom is being tried on more new meds this week to help with the confusion in hopes that she can be moved soon. Brian is going to move ahead with seeing what nursing homes can take her on a short term basis and arrange transportation for her dialysis.

When I talked to Brian last night he filled me in on the latest and reminded me that he too hadn't had time to take down the Christmas tree that is STILL up. All plans to try and get it down on the next trip down as some type of warped family time.


Katrina said...

Your mileage was GREAT this week!!!! Keep up the hard work! You will have to let me know how The Social Network was - I want to see it just so I can give it a bad review :)

And you know you aren't alone in not watching the Super Bowl! I woke up this morning and still didn't know who won! I like being clueless!

Take care!

LauraC said...

I'm glad you made the call to not go down there Heather. I feel like you have made super huge strides this year. After being in the hospital 12 hours on Friday myself... DANG I had no idea how exhausting it can be. And that was just my friend, not my mom.