Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Parking on Tap

We are at the point in the new place that I'm really happy with the new placement of items and am getting into a routine with cleaning and keeping up with organizing.

I'm one of those everything in a place and a place for everything people ad nausem. Clutter actually makes me nervous so you can imagine how much I abhor unpacked boxes. I have offered to help Bill this weekend with the final few boxes in the garage that are (his) odds and ends.

One of the many reasons we LOVE this house is the tons of storage. I mean if you ever needed a place to stash a body, I got you covered. Our #1 goal this weekend is to finish the garage, make a trip to the landfill for the ridiculous amount of paint that conveyed, a final charity run for the "shouldn't have moved it" pile, freecycle the final electronics and park the cars in the garage.

I had lots of time on the drive last weekend to think about being back at work full time in a matter of weeks, how I want this fall to play out, and in general what I can drop from my life to give me more relaxation in this home I love.

We have not had tv in the new place since we moved in and I can honestly say I've not missed it. I'm also really sticking to not working past 10/10:30 pm regarless of how much it will helps to stay ahead. Instead I've been going to bed much earlier, reading and falling asleep naturally by midnight. I've got three books going right now, a record by my standards.

How can I translate this into the pending fall schedule? Lots to think about, maybe a post in the works since I really want to make this a positive transition for all stakeholders with no repeats of the past insanity. Will be rereading Brene Brown's thoughts on how pace of life = quality of life prior to the fall kick off.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

****Note to everyone who believe I only hate on Alabama, not today. Beside you know I love my home state of South Carolina first****

When I tell people that I was in a sorority in college I usually get the same look as when they hear I am a teacher of real-live public school children. Polite shock with a little amazement usually followed by laughter.

I have to agree on some level that I'm not the stereotypical type of either. I also never expected when I started college that because of a sorority I would meet my future husband at a pledge bash.

Amazing weekend catching up with old friends, my little sister Alex, my good friend Beth whom I roomed with and was a major reason why I wanted to be a part of this house.

The Grove Park Inn was everything expected in a luxury hotel. We ate wonderful food, drank without regard for university values valuations, stayed at the spa the entire day Saturday. In general left our thirtysomething selves behind and relived being young with our whole adult futures ahead of us.

It was as if the last 15 years had never happened.

Monday, July 25, 2011

500 miles in 2011 Challenge- Update

***Amazing weekend at the Grove Park, longer write-up with group photo soon***

We just passed into week 30 in the 500 miles in 2011 Challenge. When I got back to outside running last night I was astounded that my last week in the Couch to 5k restart was on JUNE 28th. Wow. I've been feeling especially sluggish, given the heat, the move, being on vacation but this is really inexcusable. I *wish* I could say I exercised at all during the last month, but outside of walking the dog, nada.

As of yesterday I was around 415 miles. Nearly 100 miles off off where I wanted to be mid year with a personal goal of 1000 miles by year end.

You would never guess that practically one month from today I'm participating with friends in a Warrior Dash Carolina. I need to pick up the pace if I have any intention of not embarrassing myself even if with the extreme heat we walk parts of the race between the obstacles.

When I started this competition in January I made it a personal goal to try to clear a minimum of 20 miles a week and for most of the spring I met the goal, even with the insanity of my spring teaching load. I made it a priority and didn't negotiate.

But then the move and the listing, the packing, and most recently the unpacking... has just sidetracked me. I managed to get 12 miles in last week, including 2 while at the Grove Park this weekend. With the start of school and return to full time work as well as keeping a single section of online, I've been considering how I'm going to keep up with my 2011 fitness goal. After all one of the reasons that I put back on a good 15 lbs the year Ben was a baby was a return to full time work and totally neglecting exercise outside of walking the dog.

So far my plan is to keep our gym membership for cold weather as well as weekend working out, plus use of the indoor pool with the kids. I'm also putting the elliptical we bought 3 years in the master bedroom dormer window with plans to use it as much as possible during the week. As much as I want to quantify a goal of time, if I can make exercise on the priority list even 3-4 days a week and something over the weekend then I will be pleased.

With returning to a 5 am wake up time I have GOT to make this a priority, as much as I want to move ahead with my planned surgery in December I also know that personally won't commit until I have lost the reminder of the weight.

Also, with a 3 mile trail running through the new neighborhood as well as access to the Cary Greenway and the America Tobacco Trail, I really have NO excuse not to be taking advantage of an outdoor opportunity. Come on, who wouldn't want to run with this steps from your front door?

Friday, July 22, 2011

"security, I think we need backup"

I wanted to snap a quick shot of the fruits of my labor this week: more than 50 boxes flattened and waiting for a freecycle pick up yesterday. Alas I went outside and they were already gone.

So you will have to believe me that this week has seen some serious productivity and I am leaving later today with every single box (that was mine or the boys, Bill is on his own) unpacked and neatly in a new home.

About 9 months ago some old college friends started talking about trying to get together in 2011 for a sorority reunion. Later today 20+ friends are meeting up for a girls weekend and the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

Can I just tell you how excited I am for a sunset reception overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains followed by a 4 course dinner (that I don't have to make, feed, or clean up?) Or to room with my good friend Beth C whom I have not seen in 15 years, or that I will have to be physically removed from the spa upon closing time on Saturday after spending most of the day sitting pool side with drink in hand.

Can I also add that I am re-listening to a favorite book, The Time Travelers Wife in the car. Alone, without 912 stops for diaper changes, drive through runs, and whining.

All week when I've been about to pass out from moving boxing from garage to attic in the 100+ heat, I've been coming back to this for some inspiration.

Moving into our dream house, lakeside weekend with high school friends and now a 15 year reunion. Can I just say that July 2011 is going down as legendary in the awesomeness dept.

Monday, July 18, 2011

So Maybe I Need Another 48 Hours

I had really, really hoped to have the entire house unpacked by weekend end. Well...

Instead I'm going to have to go with by week end as there is still lots of big, bulky items in the garage to walk up to the attic. More pics of the finished house once we can do the House Beautiful walk through but here is the status

#1 Priority- Serious Babyproofing. Already in progress but Ian is everything Ben was at age 15 months and MORE.

Kitchen-DONE!!!! (thank you friends)
Family Room- Done
Dining Room- Haven't even touched (who is planning on fine china anyway)
Porches/Deck- Done including plants
Playroom- All toys unpacked, but needs organization (and a 2nd thinning)
Master- DONE!
Boys Rooms- 1/2 done (beds and furniture in place, need to unpack extra the closets)
Master Bath- Closets done (under the sinks not done.. have to contact paper and buy some organization containers)
Boys Bath- Need to finish the walls, organize/paper the linen closet. Make directional signs about lifting the toilet seat and washing hands.

Over the weekend I met up with my high school girlfriends at Melissa's lakehouse in Charlotte. While the trip which was planned back a few moths ago, it seemed like bad timing with the move. I wouldn't have missed it for anything, but I showed up exhausted and tired (and also expected, late.)

We spent Saturday on the lake on the Potter's boat, enjoyed a big barbecue and socialized on their deck overlooking Lake Norman. Everyone brought their kids (and spouses, minus Bill who as I hoped would take advantage of the time to unpack his office and network the house.)

What a great and much needed break after a really long week. I'll leave you with this shot. As you can imagine, Ben rehashed my expected wipeout with the embellishment only a 5 year old can create. I believe by the time Bill heard the story I had lost an arm and a toe eaten by a fish.

Lots still to do this week, but the first blog post from a really happy place in the new home.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye 204, Hello 102

Moving day is tomorrow. Whew, what an unexpected ride for 2011. I feel like so little time has been spent at the old house this week other than sleeping in place of painting, cleaning, organizning, and prepping the new home for the move.

It goes without saying that sorority hazing week was to my 18 year old self as moving with a heat index of 105 with two kids in tow is to my 36 year old self.

This (old) house has never looked better, kinda like trying to rekindle all the reasons it was your first love in these last hours calling it home.

When I expressed a little saddness that a decade of memories where about to wrap up in the old place, my friend in her widsom reminded me that all I needed to do was to stand at my window, see my kids and remember the home that was created in this space.

I know that wherever I can look out and see this, I will be at home.

See you on the other side of a new window.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation...All we ever needed...Vacation, had to get away

No long play by play but I'll sum up a week of:

relaxing at the beach, by the pool, at the neighborhood marina at a 4th of July regatta, shrimp eating, fireworks over historic Manteo while eating ice cream, kite flying on the beach, hammock shopping, True Blood Season 3 watching, sleeping in, doughnut eating, go-kart riding, napping, day trips to the Hatteras Lighthouse and Ocracoke Island via ferry, book reading, more trips to the beach side playground that imagined, and a kayaking trip on the Albemarle sound with my pint-sized crew member.

It was exactly what we needed.

It was exactly want we wanted for our 2011 family vacation.

It also gave me a most memorial Ben date night of the year, maybe ever.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All (we) Ever Wanted

Remember a few months ago when I posted that finding a house we BOTH agreed on would require either a marriage counselor or a really good realtor?

In a surprisingly fast few weeks we found our dream house leaving plans to move in 2012 in the dust.

It didn't even take a smackdown pitting Vinson vs. Vinson in the compromise on dream home priorities. We found the house that had it all, low-country South Carolina charm for me and an already wired electronics set-up for Bill.

We knew when we opened the front door that it had the potential to be everything we ever wanted to continue making a home for our family.

It was the ONE when we saw our boys in every room of the house and especially the backyard.

Yesterday it became ours.