Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010- Good Night and Good Luck Vinsons

In 2010 we: turned 35, 35, and 4, found out Baby V 2.0 was indeed a boy, welcomed Ian after 10 hours of labor, moved into new big boy Cars bedrooms, left a job x 2, started a new job x 2, figured out how to work the 2 kid game after a rocky start, hung out at the pool every day of the summer, went to Y daycamp and idolized Mr. Steve, read 24 books, wrote 159 blog posts, started a Freeze Ahead Blog then ignored it then decided to restart it then ignored it again, enjoyed the beach twice, traveled to Disney again, dressed up as Toy Story Family, ran 2 5k races (Bill), started training for a 5k (Heather), lost 44 lbs (Heather), plateaued at 168 lbs lost and 18 past his original goal(Bill), visited family in FL, AL, and SC. Did Mondo and Dream lab and wrote out a list of life goals.

I feel like I have spend the last couple of weeks recounting a great 2010 so here's the short (yes, possible) recap.

Best Books- The Help, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Freedom, Drop City

Best Movies- Inception, Waiting for Superman, The Hangover (special note it makes the list a 2nd year in a row. It's our go to can't think of anything else to watch AND seriously took my mind off laboring)

Best TV- Lost Finale in May, Honorable Mentions for True Blood and as always my love of Mad Men.

New Restaurant Tried- Not really a new place, but realizing that we could split entrees at Angus Barn with no extra charge for sides has turned it into a fav night night spot.

New Family Outing Location- The various places we enjoyed on Ben date night. New for the agenda for 2011 bowling, Canes hockey game, ice skating, preschool cooking class, roller skating.

Best(Cheap) Kid friendly item- Refillable thermos from Crocodile Creek for Ben that goes everywhere.

Best Children's Toy/Book Purchase- iPad for games and books for Ben (that is when it can be pried from Bill's hands.)

Biggest Surprise- I actually made it through a whole month off all social media back in October. 2nd place tie, that I kept up with Twitter and that I ran anywhere in 2010.

Moment of total sobbing like a baby in public- I hate crying. Public crying is even worse but watching Bill finish his first race was my Total. Embarrassing. Moment of 2010.

Moment of total lack of parenting skills- Ben pooping behind a bush on a playground.

Best way to spend Sat: Spin class, Freeze ahead goodness with This American Life, naps, park with the kids, a date night at home/out.

Most proud of: Getting Ben potty trained (minus the playground incident), myself for really making fitness a goal everyday, making the WAHM thing work after a crisis of confidence, admitting I couldn't do it alone (see long ass post from yesterday)

Most awesome 60 seconds of 2010- Holding Ian for the first time

Best decisions of 2010: EVERYTHING I wrote about in 10 for 2010.

Lesson I'm taking forward into 2011- Ask for help. Just maybe not to clean up your kid's poop on the playground.

2010, Good night and thanks for a wide, crazy ride I'm personally glad to be exiting.

2011, You ain't seen nothing yet. Ass kicking and name taking starts now.

Below are my 4 fav pics from the year. A million thanks to LauraC for capturing Ian (and Ben) at their best. I love you for so many reasons, but these pics make me loose it. Thank you for bestowing your amazing (growing) photography talent on my family.

Cheesy, but summer pictures taken on a last min whelm before the HHI trip.

The boys = Double trouble wrapped in sloppy sugary smiles

The family = Happiness, contentedness, feeling complete as a family.

Happy 2011. I know it already feels like a New Year at Casa Vinson.


Beth said...

Happy Happy New Year to the Vinsons, and especially to you. I have so much to say about all that you have written over the past few days. Suffice it to say that I am in awe of you--for your honesty, your sense of humor, and self awareness, and for your amazing accomplishments in 2010. You are inspiring me! Hugs to you and can't wait to see you in Feb.!

LauraC said...

This is the best recap I've read (other than my own, obvs).

2011 is year of photography so expected to be called for models this year. I think I'm going to do less time editing and getting TONS of shots and trying to do smaller shoots with better photos.

Happy new year!

Sandra said...

Hi Heather! Happy 2011 to you and your wonderful family!