Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Fockers

No not the movie kind, but rather the the two children that should be sleeping are doing anything but. Alas Ben has is having a party upstairs and Ian slept all of 30 mins in the car and then has been a total tool the rest of the day. I've run my own stairmaster in the number of times I've been upstairs tonight to enforce bedtime.


Sometimes I tell myself that when they are both teenagers and want nothing to do with me other than to stock the fridge and paid their phone bill, that I would do anything to have them at this age for just one day. I'm fairly sure that one day of preschool insanity and fastest baby alive and I'd be happy to return to the cold shoulder of the teen years.

I know in my heart of hearts there's truth to that sentiment but really I could have done without being met at the gym to hear Ben took dodgeball a little too seriously and tackled a 6 year old at the knees OR that Ian cried/tried to escape out the door through most of my appointment this am.

Speaking of that, 2nd plastics consult down and after almost 2 hours of meeting I'm just about ready to be booking this bad boy.

Make that bad boys as we are talking 2 (even 3 according to this surgeon.) There's a post or series of posts soon to come if I can have a conversation outside of my head about this whole process. Thinking of running a contest for a name for the multi- volume postings.


I will tell you that today's Dr. Troy looked strangely like John Waters if that helps you generate ideas. God help me if he thinks Divine from Pink Flamingos is my standard of beauty.

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