Friday, February 25, 2011

Show Me the Mommy- Total Mom Bag Envy

Post up today about Total Mom Bag Envy on Mini Moms. Looking for total a reason to be the envy of all your mom friends with a swank new handbag? How about purse envy for a diaper bag that doubles as a funky, swanky and crazy useful purse.

Pic of me today in WDW mode from the post along with a write up of the best purses that I have ever owned. I'm SO not a girly-girl but I would fight someone attempting to steal this purse.

Although this bag is currently so nasty on the inside that I think I *might* need a round of Hepatitis shots to continue carrying it around.

Seriously, love this bag for lots of reasons but NOT looking like bears and bows and all things baby sealed the deal. Huge thanks to a friend for encouraging me to spurge and buy not only the purse but the matching wallet.

Crazy, Busy day. Deadline extension for one of my part time jobs is a blessing and a curse. Revisions for about 30 of my 100 questions drafted for edit. YUCK. Picked up 7 more kids on this the last day of drop/add so lots of square one make up plans with kids 5 weeks into a class. At least all this stress is related to more $$$.

I added up how much sleep I have gotten this week and needless to say it's less than the worst week with a newborn. Major, major reconsideration on tap as I can't keep going at this level. Crashing to commence as soon as Bill get's home tonight from the gym.

Happy birthday Bill......SNORE.

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Wendee said...

Total bag envy, from the non-Moms, even. I've been pining away for one of these, as it turns out ...