Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I decided that after October 1st that I was going to take a self imposed hiatus from all social media. Yep, no blogging, Facebook, Twitter. Before you can ask why as it's not Lent or some other reason for paying penance.

It's about time and the priority of time. Actually since Thursday night, other than work/personal email, I've been non-connected. The first 24 hours were weird, but I have serious willpower and stuck it out. By today I can't imagine I would have finished all my work and done anything else.

October is going to be a crazy month. Between leaving for a week long trip involving driving 12+ hours to Disney in 3 weeks, extended weekend to help with my mom while my brother is out of town coming up, getting a load of freeze ahead cooking ready to take with me, major work assignment with all parts due before I leave. More was added today. I've been working tonight since I got the kids in bed. It's now midnight. I was working at 6 am on a different work project to beat the insanity of the am breakfast rush. I'm tired.

I also need to prep my class with a week's worth of lesson's while I'm gone (I unfortunately still have to grade and be available certain hours each day even on vacation), making Halloween costumes for our Family Toy Story Theme, putting up our house Halloween decorations (we are THAT family), and then this little thing called sleep.

Return of the crappy sleep is in full force. I'm working on the solution, but as always it's not an overnight fix. I fear most that I have in searching for the solution, made the problem worse.


So with that said, I'm taking a hiatus. I'm going to still try and post to the Freeze Ahead blog as if I'm already getting out the recipe to make food anyway, it doesn't take more time to post it. My next MiniMoms post is written and ready to be sent. It which will run likely later in the month, likely while I am at the happiest place on earth (looking for a place to sleep.)

So, back by the end of month, or mid month, or tomorrow. Who knows, I'm sure that I will be back in all my un-edited glory on some random day with a recap of life. I just need to really focus on what is my #1 priority, finding any way I can to be sleeping instead of (fill in the blank with your favorite time sucking activity.)

Wish me luck, Bill thinks I'm nuts. But he's been asleep for a good couple of hours.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Spittin' Image?

Almost Ben and now Ian's entire life rarely does someone say the kids look like me. Rather that they are both a mini-Bill. Even as newborns they looked like a baby Bill.

As Ben rounded into age 4 he looks ever so slightly a little more like me, esp at the same age. I'll have to find some similar comparison pics when in SC next weekend if I can locate.

Ben and I had a really difficult summer. Between his utter defiance and my parenting skills channeling Betty Draper, Summer 2010 memories are not making a Christmas card. But at the end of the summer I got this great shot of us moments before we got onto what was the highlight of our Hilton Head Trip, a speeding 6 man boat to watch dolphins. It was the one-up of all Tuesday night date nights.

I even think he looks at least related to me. While I don't need him to look exactly like me it's nice to hear the comparison after 4 years of not.

This past week has frankly sucked. Between the insessant rain, finally feeling the isolation of the SAHM thing, being very frustrated with my weight, and still not sleeping well I'm in a funk.

I'm seriously ready for a vacation and change from the ho hum of daily grind of 24/7 childcare while juggling a job, as well as avery serious weight loss attempt. I'm looking at the upcoming trip as at least I'll be changing diapers in the happiest place on Earth while wearing a costume that will make me cry for the time and energy put forth to make it.

I'm sure with the sun that peaked out today and a nice dry, fall forcast we will be outside, and if it dries out a trip to the pumpkin patch. That is my hope, that and one day Ian will look somewhat a little like me too.

Although we are both still wondering who contributed the blond hair gene.

Happy Weekend