Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (just maybe not THIS cake)

I asked my friend Eileen of Taco Party fame to make a baby cake for an up-coming shower I'm co-hosting. Because she is awesome in every way legal (and some illegal in 14 states,) she said yes.

The other co-host had asked me what I wanted to do when she first approached me so I offered the cake, food planning, and something crafty if the mom to be wanted. After all, I don't WANT to force anyone into Popsicle stick-land unless they are ready and willing.

So Friday night Eileen and were texting back and forth and I threw out some cake ideas leaving it to her imagination to flesh out the final product. By the way, here's what she made for Ian's shower. She has MAD skills.

I kid you not, here are the 4 examples she sent back. I have to include her commentary because if this doesn't make you laugh hysterically on this Wed morning, nothing will.

Enjoy. You'll thank me once you are blowing coffee out your nose.

There's this one: which to me looks more like a crime scene... "Giant baby smothered by blanket and trampled by tens of other, smaller babies".

Or this one: which is kind of a cute idea, albeit a reminder of just how grotesquely round every part of you has become, but might be kind of morbid when it comes time to cut the cake... I'm calling this one "">I pray to God this is not a red velvet cake because if I go all 'C-section' on this sugar creation and it looks bloody inside I'm going to hurl for reeeeealz."

**********Uh, Hello Laura, was this the inspiration for the massive boob/belly cake from MY shower?****************

(thank God you didn't find the last example or I'm sure I would have gone into labor laughing any more than I did

This one: It will make her wonder if y'all think she took a wrong turn in life, ended up working at the zoo and befriended a gorilla who had a bit too much fun with her in the bushes. Title for this one? "Sock monkey babies who are a product of zoo love are creepy"

Warning... This one is the most over the top cake I have ever seen. Including the afro shaped cake I once made in high school for a Blackplotation Movie Night viewing of Dolomite.

I laughed so hard I was crying and woke up Bill who asked who would 1. make that? 2. Share that link?

Thanks Eileen for bringing the over-the-top funny. You are awesome.

You might want to not open this if small children or your boss is standing behind you.

I've saved the best for last: No title could do this justice, I stared speechless for about 10 mins.

Good Lord. Did anyone actually eat that creation? Did the mom to be have a REALLY good sense of humor. I really need to know what type of friend would use marzipan for evil?

There are things just not needed to be seen at a baby shower, hell anywhere in public.

Or was that pubic?

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LauraC said...

Oh yeah, I found that birth cake when I was googling horrible cake pictures. I was looking for the WORST cake I could imagine. Unfortunately my cake skills suck, as evidenced by the cake.