Thursday, September 30, 2010


Another successful date night with Ben this week. We opted for a picnic on our rain-free Tuesday night. We fed ducks, hit the playground having a Ben vs Mom swing competition. Bonus points were scored when we sat and watched a man fishing who showed Ben how to remove the hook and then let him fill up his bucket with water for the fish.

Lately I find myself laughing out loud at his 4 year old logic. For as much as he drives us nuts with the incessant questions, the arguing, the attempts to do everything for himself, there is a sweetness to this age that come 5 I am going to miss.

Some examples from the past week:

"I'm wearing my underwear backwards so everyone can see my Transformer"

"Do Mommies wear transformer underwear?"

"Everyone likes my underwear" "Do you like my underwear?"

"I want to be a hockey man, no wait, a helicopter man who drives a rainbow helicopter"

"Do they make rainbow helicopters? Why not? They would make me happy"

"I want to see a rabbit party. Do they have rabbit parties here? I don't want a squirrel party. I don't like squirrels. They make my dog crazy!"

Ben, "why are you getting more than 10 books at our weekly library trip. These 2 are for babies, let's find something else."

"Mommy, I got them for Baby Ian. Can you help me read them to him?"

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Workout Tourist

The bottom line is I am active every, single, day because I can. I spent WAY too much time in my adult life not being able to do more than walk around the block.

If you visited my kitchen, you will notice I like to laminate. I also like charts. So it figures that I highlighted and then laminated the weekly gym group fitness chart of times/days. In the past 3 months I've tried almost every class.

Note that the following is highlighted:

Likes: Spin, Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Barbell Strength, Zumba
Dislikes: Step, classes that include jumping jacks, the word "Performance"

Ian was eligible for child care at the gym starting at 3 months. The only sticking point is that there are only 8 spots for infants with a 48hr in advance reservation requirement. Ten mins after opening every morning, all spots are normally taken.

Getting time is that important to me and was among the reasons I chose to work from home this year, to have no excuse to not make a serious attempt to loose weight.

I joined Bill's gym 4 weeks post partum. At that time the only time I could pull to be out of the house sans kids was either 6 am or 9 pm. Neither were attractive times, but I went for the sole reason that I am motivated to finish the job.

Google the phrase Total Body Lift and you will see my final goal. Add to it brachioplasty on my arms and a breast reduction and I'm looking at 20k in non covered insurance claims, a min of 2 separate surgeries, and an intense recovery. So how much do I really want to do this.


Really Bad.

Crazy, borderline obsessed with doing this Bad.

So much that a substantial part of the day is spent working towards this goal. I still keep food rules that have become the norm doing this lifelong diet. Too many times, Ben eats more than both of us and we work to keep each other in check on what likely will have negative consequence off the menu. I am so glad to have him as an ally.

I worked during both pregnancies to not pack on weight. Both rounds I worked out until around month 5/6 until I physically couldn't pull working out plus walking the dog and working at a job that was physically demanding.

Add to it the stress of working at a new job on the ground level, going off meds for my PCOS during each pg, babycare over personal care, and the year of fertility drugs I had close to 80 lbs to loose after Ian arrived. Essentially almost 1/2 of my initial 147 lb loss since 2004. Disheartening.

I've needed motivation so I am reneging on not watching Biggest Loser after vowing not to continue after the first season. It sounds insane, but it's a really hard to watch even the most inspiring of stories knowing that I weighted more than some of the women at my peak.

Besides there is WAY too much crying and I hate crying.

So looking for motivation to get to a weight goal to do the surgeries, to stop using the phrase, "when I am thinner I want to...", I decided to watch this season.

I added the classes as I am more likely to not bail if I have to do it publicly. I love early Sat am Spin the best. One the instructor has kick ass play list that ends with the gospel choir piece that is crazy inspiring.

But, the real reason I love her class, was when she said, "before my surgery I couldn't imagine I would ever be leading anyone towards a healthier lifestyle."

That was my motivation and you can bet my hopeful much smaller ass that she had me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does Tim Gunn Makes Housecalls for Halloween Costume Bailouts

Sept Minnie Mom post up today! Topic- Preventing Cranky Kids (and Spouses) at Disney.

Speaking of Disney, we are leaving in 3 Weeks! We started a countdown chart this weekend as well as bought the rest of our costume materials. As we are going to the Magic Kingdom wide Halloween party while there we had to have themed family costumes. Yes, I'll repeat, family costumes that needed to be G rated. After all hoeing it up at Disney my guess will get you booted by Park Officials. All bets are off for anything lewd with Chip and Dale.

So back to the costumes. We let Ben be the deciding factor based on what he wanted to be. He picked Buzz Lightyear after seeing Toy Story 3 with Bill. He's being playing "Infinity and Beyond" a game of Buzz Lightyear crashing into Leggo Buildings most of the past couple of months so I was safe to assume that we were going as Toy Story Characters.

Bill- Woody, Heather- Jessie, Baby Ian- Mr. Potato Head

We had planned for this to be a Bill/Ben event and then I started reading about the party, trick or treating throughout the part, a parade, special fireworks, and dance parties. All the rides are decked out to be family-spooky as well as all thecCharacters in costumes.

So once again, I drank the Kool-aid and am going with the pretense that if someone has to go back with a fussy Baby, I volunteer.

This weekend we picked up the the remaining items for the costumes I have to make. Disclaimer here: I don't know how to sew, don't own a machine, am frankly scared of how bad the Cow Print Vest for Bill, Cow print chaps with the tackiest gold/red fringe for me, the wagon wheels in red sequins I have to create on both shirts, and then Ian's whole Costume are going to turn out. One of the patterns is called,"SEW EASY." My ass this is going to be easy.

Needless to say, I have started already.

I mentioned to a friend last night on the phone our family plans. He quickly responded with the line below. Note** Only a few short years ago at his annual Halloween party I had gone full out as a dominatrix (also at my lowest weight, I'll add.)

"Heather, to think you have gone from showing up leading Bill in by a dog collar that read Daddy, to a Disney Character from a movie you likely slept through, yeah you have really fallen a long, long way into Married with Kids territory"

Well said. So I promise to make my cow print chaps very family friendly and only to make an appearance while hanging out with Chip and Dale.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Future Resume Contender? Deep Fried Ambassador

Last week I saw my Taco Party gift giving friend Eileen. If had a twin or wish someone could be my twin it would be Eileen. It never fails that she makes me laugh until I am usually so out of breath, crying, or a combo of both. She took me to see David Sedaris in Clayton, NC as a Christmas present a few years ago. I am fairly sure he was collecting new material, seeing he was in the armpit of Johnson County in a 1 stop light town. She had to pick me up off the floor at one point.

Her family is heading to Disney next week and also going to the Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. I've been berating her with costume ideas that involve unitards for the whole family. But back to Eileen...

She is one of the funniest people I've ever met. And seeing I was coming off the "dropped my kid on the floor, yelling at Urgent Care people to please not take my child away" the night before, I hoped she would be armed with the funny when she showed up for coffee.

She did.

Somewhere in the midst of talking she threw on her latest challenge to bring notoriety to herself. After all her post of the SheWee a self urination containment unit for ladies, much like the Stadium Pal is for Men, was ACTUALLY is picked up by the manufacturer and used in promotions.

Famous, she is.

She is entering our local upcoming State Fair as the Deep Fried Ambassador 2010. Say what? This couldn't possibly exist for my amusement only. BUT IT DOES, and I spent way too much time over the weekend reading up on last year's ambassador who visited the fair EVERY.SINGLE.DAY eating her way through an artery clogging good time.

Needless to say I have no desire or want to visit the fair on a daily basis. Once you've seen the racing pigs, the tractor pull, the demolition derby, eaten too many country ham biscuits that you would lick the underside of a rusty livestock expo arena bathroom water fountain, and yes gorged yourself on this year's, "can we fry it and put in on a stick" foods, I'm through for 2010. I am done and ready to spend the next 11 months forgetting the sights and smells of the fair.

So Eileen, if you are selected know that I am there in spirit as you bite down into what would be a fitting testament to only a job you could do. My guess is you better be wearing a SheWee to get to all those food stands as well as sit atop a throne make of fried dough.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Video Post Friday- Why I Foresee Many Co-Pays Before Age 18

It's been a long, crazy week. I've had a lot of work as the class is in full swing, and I haven't been sleeping as well again lately. But then there is this problem called a 5 month old Ian. Don't skip it the video for the story... it makes sense why this 2nd child is nothing like the first.

PLAY ME for 15 sec of pure baby goodness. Turn up the sound for even more fun.

In the past couple of weeks Ian is pushing up on all fours rocking,rocking, then getting stuck/frustrated and then collapsing. I think unlike Ben, who was as average as it got on developmental milestones, is going to be mobile much earlier. I also think we have a potential climber and into everything earlier child. Most likely in trying to keep up with an active older brother.

Ian pulls up on all fours over, and over, and over. He could do this for an hour on the floor until he collapses in exhaustion. He hates to not be where he can be mobile. We have abandoned the swing, bouncy, and Bumbo to the attic as they are pointless as a baby sitter.

Enter in Wednesday night as I am feeding him the two bowls of oatmeal topped off by 2 full bottles. This is Ian's am and pm routine. I imagine that I'm likely going to have to sell my kidney to feed him at age 18.

It's almost 7pm, feeding kids at the table hoping that Bill might make it home to eat with us. No sign of him. Ian is strapped into his chair chewing on a bib while I go to make another bottle. We are 15 mins and home free for baths, books, and bed.

Massive, huge thud followed by screaming. Screaming also by a very scared Ben who is now rummaging the freezer for ice pops to put on Ian's head.

Somehow Ian managed to work his way free and slide under hitting the floor face down. A hardwood, no rug on it due to the peeing dog, floor to be exact.

Needless to say the next 15 mins were spent soothing him, checking him over and being unbelievably grateful that all seemed to be ok.

I called our Peds office to speak with the after hours nurseline to see if we could go to Urgent Care over the ER based on his totally normal appearance. Bill by this time had gotten home, corralled a now hysterical Ben who was chasing the dog in full fireman gear brandishing a fireplace broom as a sword.

After a major disagreement with the peds after hours line involving my cursing, I headed to Urgent Care getting there 10 mins before they closed. I begged them to see us even though we were 3 weeks shy of not being punted directly to Big Wake Med Hospital with kid emergencies. Big Wake is great, but also a good 30 more mins away and likely a multi hour wait in germy nastiness.

They took us and proceeded to have at least 5 different staff to ask me to repeat what happened. My guess was to make sure it was not intentional and based on my frazzled appearance I probably needed someone to ask me to repeat the story.

All was good and we were home much earlier than if we had been booted cross town.

So this morning you can guess how tight I pulled the straps on the high chair while I once again was getting Ben out the door and working with my early am class.

Something tells me Ian Vinson will one day be referred to as "the Neck" as he plays full contact sports. All bets that he will kick Ben's ass for tormenting him. I predict both before age 5.

In all seriousness this was a major wake up call that we need to be on guard now and rebabyproof sooner rather than later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What The Heck? Ben-Age 4

Sleeping in shifts overnight after a LOOONG evening. Thankfully everyone is asleep and come 2 am I will be too.

Onto the funny...

We finally had the told you so moment over dinner the other night. Ben started saying, "what the heck" about something only important to him. Bill and I both looked up with shocked faces. Already knowing the answer, I asked where he had heard that phrase.


***NOTE*** Don't ask questions like this and really expect the answer you WANT to hear.

He must have picked up from my mom just got schooled look and preceded to repeat, "what the heck, what the heck, what the heck" at least a good 10 more times, hysterically laughing in between.

Bill had to excuse himself he couldn't contain laughing and didn't want to encourage more repetition or giving Ben the audience he SO wanted.

Part of me thought, what he was saying COULD have been SO much worse.

But this is pause to take note of all those times I am cursing under my breath, dying to spat out a litany of foul words.

One can only push it so far before he figures out what my kid substitute phrases "fudge pocket, cats and dogs, and gravy boat" really mean.

So what the heck will come out of his mouth next?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fairly Sure LeVar Burton is Locked in My Basement

At the start of the year, one of my goals was to double the number of books I read this year. Looking back I'm basically at the same number as last year, but I have pledged as part of the whole more time thing to try to finish more books by end of year.

Actually I have found myself more nights than most sitting on my porch in the chaise lounge reading something over watching TV. This is not to say I can't lay on my couch, like tonight, totally zoning out to Biggest Loser (more on why I'm watching this show after boycotting it after season 1 later.)

Anyhow for the rest of 2010, I'm committing myself to 1: audiobooks to play why walking the dog in the am. 2. Making sure I read the bookclub book 3. Once finished with Bclub book read something else from my growing list of book lust.

That's 3 WHOLE books a month and a total record for me who has done well to squeak by the past few years with only the bookclub pick each month.

Currently I'm reading Freedom (audiobook), have just finished An Invisible Sign of My Own (book club), as well as my personal pic Runaway (short stories). I'm picking up Let the Great World Spin and This is Where I Leave You tomorrow.

Looking back at my list here's my top pics:

AWESOME... Freedom. So glad I picked The Corrections up again, finishing it on the 2nd try. I don't think I would have gone for book two if not. Totally worth all the pre-publication publicity. It is totally my catalyst to walk our dog!

Hunger Games. About to reread this Nov book club pic. This better be a kick ass discussion and how cool would it be to go as Katniss Everdeen for Halloween? On board to read Catching Fire and MockingJay before year's out.

The Help
- Great book and the fact I own my great grandmother's sterling silver makes me ashamed. I will not be seeing the likely movie adaption that undoubtedly will SUCK!

Also good reads for 2010- NurtureShock, Rant, Drop City, and Runaway

I'm sure that if I had a basement that Levar Burton would consider rebroadcasting Reading Rainbow to today's generation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tree Whisperer

Multiple posts up on Freeze Ahead Frenzy since last update. I'm VERY excited about planned Tomato Soup with Salsa Verde and using up the last of any good summer tomatoes. This is a freezer to crockpot meal. SO EASY!

I have been wanting to visit the Talking Tree Trail at Jordan Lake since Notes from a Chapel Hill Mom posted this summer.

Sunday after naps (Ben included!) we headed out, managed to get totally lost, almost witnessed a seen from Deliverance on a wrong turn, and finally get to the location. NOTE.. the address is wrong on the linked post.

Bill said multiple times Saturday that I was totally overselling this nature hike and Ben was going to be disappointed. And... true to form at one point he turned to us and said, "where are the trees that talk" not totally picking up that we were listening to stories about trees not actual trees with voices.

The trail itself took only about 30 mins. Maybe longer if you take into consideration Ben's questions, racing to the next tree (for more questions), and then admitting he really had to pee. So not only did we talk to the trees, he peed on one. What an ironic milestone of public peeing in all places?

What is great about this location is you can also explore a helicopter and bulldozer near the trail both retired from State park service. Picnic facilities are also close although we opted to head out to dinner instead since we had gotten a late start and mom forgot to pack a picnic.

Also close are several entrances to Lake Jordan's beaches and boat launches. If heading out here again I think I would plan for a longer day at the lake. This is a must do again and makes me plan more nature hikes with Ben this fall since our pockets were filled with rocks, leaves, and sticks on the ride home.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Phone Photo Friday- My glass is 1/2 awesome

I ran into someone from my old school yesterday at preschool pick up. Her first words were you look really happy. I was a little taken aback as I was getting baby out of the car and schlepping it inside like normal. Without any hesitation I said, "yeah, I am and I think taking the year and working part time was a really good decision."

There's so much more I want to say about this whole transition, the components that are making it successful, and how it's impacting me/family,

But not today.

Just know that this is what I have been waking up to do the last few weeks: "office" set up on our screened in porch, laptop (with anything that gets me sidetracked... ie personal email, twitter, fb turned off until I get slug through teaching class each day), stuff to run the class including the ever present to do list of student, parent, school contacts to make, and always a giant mug of coffee.

I am really happy. Unbelievably happy that I took this leap of faith and am committed to making it work. Minus the lack of adult conversation during the day and juggling baby care with work, it is one of the best decisions made in a really long time.

For the future, I need to trust my instincts when a long time whisper becomes a loud screaming voice telling you that change is needed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So This is How I Told Him

At the end of June we found out that our appeal for the final installment of filing for IVF has been denied. I could have lived with the decision as we were SO incredibly thankful that in a world of limited, if any, infertility coverage we had most of our procedures paid for by Bill's former employer.

BUT.. there were the meds. The several thousands in injectable meds, the same ones I carried packed in ice along with enough needles to get myself on the no fly list to Boston last summer. The same ones that had we filed the claim only 48 hours before we did, would have been covered. The same ones that sit in the back of my fridge because I can't seem to toss them.

In the realm of stupid marital fights that never should have been, our total failure to file these after months and even the birth of the baby they created goes down in the stupid hall of fame. This simply was avoidable stress.

So after the June denial of our 1st appeal, we appealed again. The reason why and the technicality we felt were on our side are inconsequential. Since we were going up again a behemoth of a company we figured that we would loose and were prepared to suck up a really stupid mistake.

So enter the thin envelope and the dread of what I thought it contained.

This is how I told Bill, attached to the door.

Paid in Full
, and minus long term shortage fees and some of the early testing, the entire cycle was paid. Top that with Bill's surgery, his parting gift for a company that laid him off was 50k in claims.

Talk about an ending to the story. Didn't see that coming.

What happens to the 3 frozen possibilities I really can't answer. Part of me says you got what you came for, don't overstay the party and tempt fate. Life after the 2nd has been a huge and difficult adjustment. It would some very serious discussion (s) to be a +3. Luckily I do have time in the next couple of years to let the +2 play out.

But not knowing the end of the story? What can I live with doing/not doing with them? When could I make a final and non-reversible decision.

I'm/We're not there yet, not even close.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Months!

Are you kidding me? My squishy sleepy newborn is now a full on baby. The last month has seen starting solids and refusal to be on his back or the swing for any amount of time. This boy is a wiggle worm. He's reaching and grabbing for toys to hold, vocalizing and laughing. Oh the laughing! May I hear that sweet sound on the most stressful of days.

I totally won the baby lottery!

We have just moved to the exersaucer/bouncer with lots of blankets for support. Ian also loves to be on the floor rolling and is pulling his head, arms, and legs off the ground in a swimming motion. His current favorite toy is a tripod mirror best viewed on his tummy.

I think he is going to be mobile much earlier than Ben, and who would blame him living with big brother who in the same breath tries to protect him and share his gazillion cars but also attempts to play full contact sports with him.

Ben has finally turned the corner on understanding Ian's not going to be returned. For family picture day he told me he only wanted a picture of him and his brother :-)

Ian is game for daily walks with the dog to the park as long as he has his teether, keys, and taggie all linked together to chew. We are hitting the everything in the mouth stage, socks being the appetizer for most any toy.

What I would not do to freeze time at this age of no whining, tantrums, procrastinating, telling of long drawn out stories with no end.

Just pure, joyous, yummy baby goodness.

Happy 5 months sweet boy-

Monday, September 13, 2010

Putting it on the back burner

We had a good but busy weekend. Both Friday and Sat nights I hit bed early which is totally unlike the norm. I watched a movie in bed, the other finished one book and started another really great book of short stories. I think the short story genre was invented JUST FOR ME and my attention span of a gnat.

Speaking of bugs on Saturday we headed to Bugfest at a downtown Raleigh museum. This was our first trip to the annual event with Ben (Ian came too) and we had fun but given the growing lunchtime crowd left after a couple of hours. Ben especially had fun at the Bug Olympics of kid friendly obstacle course events.

Bill took Ben to his first Basketball practice early Sat am. We opted to do something at our gym over yet another place to shuttle a child to this fall. We are trading taking/watching the practice and taking him to our existing parent date night on Tues so we both get individual time with Ben. Yes, it is making a difference.

Saturday afternoon Ben pulled a Sybil and so nasty and obstinate that we canceled our pm plans and put him in bed at 7pm. Bill and I were out loud counting the time until we could reasonably put him in bed without a 4 am wake up call. I believe there was a fist bump around 7:05 pm that we made it. It felt like the 5 hour fight that no amount of time outs and trying to break it could touch.

Sunday we opted for somehow to make it a better day. But, before 8 am I was scrubbing sharpie off his arm. And by 9 the entire screened in porch looked like a tornado had hit. Bill had already made plans to escape, sorry I mean leave to enjoy a preplanned movie, so I stayed home and literally held down the fort.

We tried out Baby Einstein on Ian over the weekend and as expected, he was mesmerized. Note Ben was too and asked to watch it again over WordGirl. Who's the baby in this house? I did even manage to call every student in my class for Sunday check in between the boys zoning in front of the TV and double naps.

We opted to try our Sat night plans again after naps/attitude and headed out to grill out with friends. On the way we stopped to get Ben's Halloween costume. We are going to be at Disney the week of Halloween and are going to a Magic Kingdom wide Halloween party. Yes it will be insane with trick o treating throughout the park, dance parties, parades, and of course fireworks. YES we are going and are dressing up as characters from Toy Story based on Ben wanting to be Buzz. We are Woody and Jessie and Ian is going to be Mr. Potato Head. GO ahead and comment on how cute we are going to be OR that I am dressing up as a Disney character.

I LOVE Ben's costume. He was so giddy trying it on that I was on a high of happiness bought him two shirts to wear at Disney. Note, buy at home not when you get there to avoid the crazy marked up price.

We had a nice evening, grilled sesame ribs and honey glazed chicken were perfect and as usual there was loud, crazy, boy madness echoing through the house involving masks, swords, Leggos, and as always the trampoline.

Post on Freeze Ahead blog later today to plan this week's session of Sheppards Pie with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes and Cornbread Dressing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ch..Ch...Check it out!

Over the week at the beach I found myself up most nights late. Actually in my perfect world minus kids that get up before 7 am, I would stay up every night in my zone of 10-2am when I am most productive.

Part of the week I worked on what has been a 2010 resolution, to start to digitize my fav freeze ahead recipes and begin to load them onto a separate website. I added a link to my sidebar and am hoping that I can update a couple of times a week and compile 100 by end of the year.

The plan is for an early week post about what's on tap for weekend cooking session with a grocery list. Later in the week post a main dish as well as a side/veggie/appetizer during the week. Most every Saturday I am making something in triplicate and keeping 12-15 dishes/month in the freezer. Go Me! Although frozen waffles do make the rounds on super busy nights rest assured.

So far my Favorite recipe one for Steak Skewers with blue Cheese dipping sauce and the best summer grill marinade for Honey Glazed Chicken. Plans to make Heirloom Tomato Tart this weekend to use up the last of my crop.

I also added a link for my friend's Disney blog that I'm writing group articles for on a monthly basis. If you are thinking doing Disney because you can flush a $100 bill down the toilet and not flinch then check out the site, lots of good travel advice. I have a post there today topic doing WDW with a preschooler.

To the blogroll I added several new places that I have started lurking around after finding them on Twitter. My favorite being the Bloggess. I think I may have found someone who enjoys cursing more than me. Is that possible?

Also I added the 30 Day Better Parent Challenge. I think I'm going to try this once I finish up my Sept project, but instead of doing it over 30 days try one a week for several months with a weekly post on how I'm trying the idea at our house. I think I would explode to do all 30 suggestions back to back.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Year We Drank the Kool-Aid, Now I'll Serve You a Pitcher

A month or so ago my husband's college roommate's girlfriend (now wife) little sister in our college sorority found me on Twitter. How do you like that version of 6 degrees? We have been catching up and lo and behold if she is not a wealth of info on Disney. She writes a Disney Blog and was forming a mom's panel.

Amy has asked me along with 3 other moms to serve on the panel (one of which, Corby, was also in the same sorority.) As a panel we will be writing guest posts, answering reader questions, and serving as a resource about traveling to WDW with kids of differing ages.

Yes, one of the FIRST questions I asked, "do you edit, no like double and triple edit?" As well as, "please give me a max word count." BOTH she was happy to oblige to do :-)

The first post of the Minnie-Moms went up last week and was a 2-part series. Mon was to introduce the moms, and Tues our first group post about first attractions for our kids.

So the next question is how are you going to continue to write given you have taken Ben on ONE trip last November. I think you know where this is going.

After much consideration and pricing a trip to the Dragon Boat Festival/San Fran this fall, we opted to go back to Disney in late October in time for the Food and Wine Festival as well as the park-wide Halloween party (think matching family costumes.) The other trip WILL happen, just not this year.

Yes, I know and fully admit that I drank the Kool-aid last year and had one of the best family vacations. EVER. I cannot even begin to describe how much utter joy and fun the trip was for us. If you really want my double entry recap, check the Nov archives. When thinking of an uber family friendly place to travel with a 6 month old, Disney won hands down.

Feel free to comment, although be kind. Kids have no appreciation for sarcasm as I have sadly realized.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Phone Photo Friday...What Was I Worried About?

Going for 5/5 fabulous, wonderful, no tears only bashful at drop off days at the new school. Ben has been talking up a storm about all the new people (including our next door neighbor's child in his class), homework!, teachers, and the new foods he's trying on the no thank you bite mantra.

YES!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IN MY WILDEST DREAMS I HOPED TO HAPPEN. Afternoons are now kiddo time exclusively thanks to simply having more time.

So on the "I thought that changing your status to WAHM was going to mean more time" it's been a busy week.

-First full week of online class. Busy, busy calling kids, schools, setting up student records.

-Working on the Freeze Ahead Blog (up to 15 entries... so far) and NEED to post about writing for my friend's blog since she posted and tweeted the entry 4 days ago. Sorry Amy :-(

-Need to do a HHI beach recap before we forget we went. Although being on a speeding 6 man boat trying to outrun a afternoon rainstorm doing 40 mils/hr holding unto Ben for dear life, this will not be soon forgotten. Note, being on a speeding boat was the highlight of Ben's vacation.

-Managed to get in 2 appointments, 4 work outs at the gym, a book club, and a bunch of housework in between 24/7 baby tending.

-My knee has gone from red, purple, black, green, and today YELLOW. It's still sore but SO MUCH BETTER. I feel a little silly that we wasted time and $$$ at Urgent Care

-Going to bed. Just finished writing a online tutoring review I have to run at 7:30 am. NO one should be learning about Naturalization before 9am and a pot of coffee.

Happy Labor Day weekend. Plans here to meet up with friends both Friday night and again on the holiday to grill out. Good bye summer, what a ride you have been.