Monday, March 23, 2009

Operation Tidy Up

I had to laugh as the comments on my post detailing weekend endeavors, "you had me at THEN I cleaned out the outside storage closet" Am I that predictable folks!?!

I think I have some rare disorder in which it gives me great joy to clean up/organize what I perceive to be chaotic/messy situations. Productivity is fruit of the Gods and gives me some whacked sense of worth.

At any one time I seem to be running in about 10 different directions or planning something 5 steps out. A friend at school mentioned having a conversation with me is like talking to a schizophrenic as I jump topics multiple times in a conversation.

Just to make you laugh, here is a picture of my desk at school. This is the way it ALWAYS looks (minus the flowers from Bill a month ago). Very neat and organized. I keep all these crazy rules about how I work, when I work, ok... for most life components in general.

Since I have this overwhelming desire to have control over mess my rules keep me sane and functioning, even if others think I am completely nuts. I bet you were wondering anyone who keeps a Mr.T picture on their desk has a few loose screws anyway, and you would be right.

One of my biggest concerns is that I am passing this behavior on to Ben. He is like me and picks up to the last detail willingly, even takes other toys from kids to "put them away". He recently told a friend her floor was dirty. Oh brother am I turning him into me?


LauraC said...

Your desk looks like my desk - very neat and organized. OF COURSE!

Have you seen my Mr T in My Pocket??

Beth said...

Can I rent you to come to my house? LOL. My greatest weakness, and the thing I most want to change about myself, is my ability to spin my wheels and be as unproductive as humanly possible. I like to think I'm better than I used to be--living with a neat-freak, uber-productive person (like Ed is) will do that to you--but I'm not where I want to be. In your spare time, maybe you could come up with a motivational seminar! LOL.