Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Be Cooler IRL than you are Online!

This has typically been my moto as to why am I the last person to get on Facebook. I have heard what a addictive, time-sucking activity it can become and figured I didn't need in. I now understand why I have gotten the hard sell from old high school, college, sorority friends to get my butt on FB. This is like a little daily mini-reunion with all the people who used to know you "back in the day".

The friends that know crazy stories about you or can vouch that you weren't always a super-cool savvy adult but a fatty, braces-wearing, frizzy-permed 8th grader waiting for life to happen.

Since I was home all day with Ben on Friday I took advantage of an extra long nap to set up my page and upload photos. I had to wonder how much info to put on my info page as in many ways you wouldn't recognize the mature, 2009 version, but in lots of ways I am the same ol' "making bad comments on the back row of class", crazy Heather that convinced you to to ridiculous stuff. I just now have to make sure I have a babysitter first.

I have gotten lots of messages back and most have a theme:

1. You have a kid? He so looks like Bill!
2. You are a teacher? Really... no one from my HS believes this without laughing!
3. You look nothing like I remember! This last one makes me smile as I will take that a code for my hard work and improved lifestyle has returned dividends.

It has make me happy to know where people that I spent way to much time with at some point in life are in 2009. How did the life they were waiting to happen play out? Are they married/single/divorced in a few cases? Who has kids and how many? Who still is living like it's last call at the Florabama (the BEST dive bar ever BTW). How has religion and politics changed them in ways I wouldn't have guessed.

My old DZ little sister had the BEST job description (she is a teacher too) and commented that she bet kids loved my class... THANKS... with her permission I had to use it to describe my job!

Teaching classes, monitoring halls, handing out belts, drying tears, breaking up fights, redirecting misdirected anger, aggression, etc., extinguishing fires, and generally raising children up in the way that they should go!

I'll take that sentiment and totally accurate description! For those who know me now as well as then that I'm glad our paths crossed!


Goddess in Progress said...

I really enjoy catching up with old friends on Facebook, even if it's one more time drain.

And WOOT, DZ girls! Alpha Alpha chapter, here... :-)

LauraC said...

Welcome to the crazy world of facebook!