Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pretty Freakin' Sweet

Let's see who got the better deal on Halloween?

Bill: Graciously picked up dinner at the new Chipotle with kids in tow, then took Ben trick or treating with some neighbor friends until everyone was chilled to the bone.

Heather:  Stayed inside a warm house, grading a final stack of essays and hanging out with the littlest (scared) Vinson. Ian opted to stay home, working yet another floor puzzle eating cheese sticks and watching Dinosaur train.  

He agreed to put on his costume for a picture and to visit the neighbors, but was super scared of all the people in masks.  

Once home Bill and I checked over the candy loot and did an abbreviated bedtime.  Both boys were out cold by 9 pm where I caught up on Good Wife and did some research for our weekend roadtrip.

Pretty freakin' sweet, and I'm not just talking about the candy.

PS:  When I saw this picture of Ian all I can think is not a bit of a baby face left, only a little boy. Sniff..

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