Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Retro Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Bill took today off from work to get ready for one of his favorite holidays.  Before the end of the night, the final touches including a fog machine and enough candy to ensure diabetes for all will be going down.

We had a fabulous time Saturday night at our neighborhood party.  Ben announced that he had eaten 13 cookies and 3 doughnuts as he was laying naked on the bathroom floor post party.  Mom commented that it served him right to have a monster tummy ache.  Ian was hesitant to go outside for the party as he is in a scared of everything phase.  He opted to stay inside for the first hour of the party working the same floor puzzle over and over.  It took the words "doughnut" to get him outside.

Bill took the boys to buy costumes very early this year for optimal selection.  Ben is a G.I. Joe Black Opps Ninja, Ian a dinosaur.  Pictures tomorrow along with our porch decked out.  People have commented that they LOVE our decorations, or is Bill smoking crack with the 5 different types of lights, 7 pumpkins, and my contribution of a giant scarecrow.  All I can say is I hoisted 50 lbs of real fruit over the front door for Christmas. I got nothing people.

Before we close out a great October tonight with trick or treating, a quick look back at past Halloweens.


A cute puppy dog infant bunting

A frog in blue Pumas

A Race Car driver

An Astronaut

2010- Buzz Lightyear (Ben)  and Mr. Potato Head (Ian) (part of Vinson Family at Disney as Toy Story characters.. aka Mom will NEVER make costumes again!)

 2011- Capt America (Ben) and a (very cute) Monkey Ian

Happy Halloween all!  Have fun, be safe, and keep a stash of the best candy for yourself!

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Carrie77 said...

Love the idea of going back and looking at old costumes. :) My favorite is the Toy Story theme you did one year!