Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday gumbo

Busy month:

- Volunteered twice with the 1st graders. The best kind of surprise to Ben.
- Trip to DC to visit Air and Space and hang out with the Hahn family
- Election night celebration with my hopeful political junkie
- Read three books, a record for any month in 2012
- Lots of daily reassurances to Ian that we are not going to a car wash after an epic toddler meltdown
- Family trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Ian Vinson = proven fearless once again
- Art classes for Ben. I've never seen him so excited and proud of himsel.
- Lots of time enjoying fall leaves on  family walks in the neighborhood in the lingering warm weather
- Missed keeping up with online photo class. Have made the decision to try to capture all the treasure hunts in 2013. No intention to post, just to keep for myself and continue learning to take better pictures.
- Moved gym membership to a cheaper option, went more in the last 30 days than the last 3 months.
- Final minor procedure with plastic surgeon.  Done. Finished. Very content.
- Thanksgiving with my brother. What I wouldn't do to live closer.

Much of November as well as most of 2012 has been defined by working WITH Ben and FOR Ben for the best possible outcome with his ADHD.  By our measure at home, he's been calmer with very few outbursts of anger and frustration.  Today we will meet with the LDC director to consider a medication change and then the 2nd meeting with his counselor to finish outlining a treatment plan.  Part of me wants to change meds as he continues to loose weight with little appetite. Part of me wants to stay put as the behavior, a driving issue for our original action, seems to evened out.

All of me is very, very tired of anxiety filled, sleepless nights worrying.

I'm welcoming December with the genuine joy and excitement the boys have about the holidays.  We've gotten a head start reading a holiday book by the Christmas tree this week.  It is tradition I remember from my mom that I want to pass to the V boys.

It's a quiet place after busy, trying days. It's a starting point for a holiday season to focus on the time together over any gift I can purchase.

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LauraC said...

Hope it goes well today. It's scary to think of changing the meds but I would trust that LCD knows what they are doing.

In interesting news, Alex didn't take his meds yesterday and had one of his best days ever. I think the best part of meds is helping him become self-aware of how his brain feels off the meds.

Keep me posted! I'll be around if you want to call.