Sunday, November 18, 2012

Harvest Table 2012

A church we used to attend celebrated Thanksgiving week with a community service in which members brought something to share (usually jams, baked goods, or sewing) and left them around the alter.  Towards the end of the service everyone had the chance to take something else home to enjoy at their own Thanksgiving table.

I really liked this idea and started trying to incorporate the same idea in our home. Before setting my own Thanksgiving table decided to spend a small part of the holiday week thanking those people that make our lives brighter, happier, and often easier.

I really liked several friends posts about the book 29 Gifts and may extend my own Harvest Table week into  December as part of our annual tradition of giving to our community.

To start Harvest Table week I wanted to thank Ben and Ian's teachers.  When I say "you see my children more awake hours of the day than I do 5 days a week, I mean it."  The boys' teachers are a large and powerful force in their social and academic development.  I want to thank them for not only the time they give to each of them, but the unending patience they display.

This year I included a note from each boy and a small basket with homemade strawberry preserves, chocolate truffles, spinach dip mix, and homemade hummingbird bread with cream cheese icing.

Thank you teachers at DDE and PCA for giving of yourselves for our family.

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Carrie77 said...

WOW, what fantastic gifts!