Monday, November 26, 2012

A holiday not stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey

A few Thanksgivings ago Bill and I gutted a room ripping up carpet, painted, cleaned out in preparation to move Ben to a big boy room and ready a nursery for Ian.  I remember being insanely proud of all we accomplished in a few short days.  Granted we don't have a baby on the way but we attempted to make the most of the days at home taking advantage of the quiet before the next 30 days of holiday insanity.

Over the past few days what did we do?

-Ordered holiday cards, updated mailing list, and purchased stamps

-Went through the final load of stuff from my mom's house and donated about 95% to charity.  I did pause as I handed over her wedding dress but am hanging onto the box of piano music in hopes of finding a new home for the scores of books, many with new music

-took several walks with the dog, with the kids enjoying the sunny and warm weather
- prepped 3 freeze ahead meals

-worked out 3 times at the gym (this should be a post as exercise continues to be a stumbling point)
-tried to get caught up on Superhero Photo homework and uploaded some assignments

-graded, planned a new unit, including spending a couple of hours at school Sunday

-Bill took Ben to see Wreck it Ralph 

-watched an enormous amount of Breaking Bad and American Horror Story after kido bedtime

-met up with friends to see Lincoln (go see this movie even if you hate history, it's amazingly good)

-sorted through, cleaned out/organized all Halloween decorations and stored 

-put up all holiday decorations inside and out minus the new (fake) apple board which is to be made this week once I finish buying board and paint

-Hit one Black Friday sale at midnight Friday (Ulta for Bare Minerals at 75% off).  I was up anyway after watching American Horror Story (so, so good and so, so scary)

-Started massive toy clean out to be continued before Santa's arrival

-Attempted a potty bootcamp with Ian, but abandoned it on Day 3 as Ian was not interested and was being a typical toddler: whiny, obstinate, basically a joy.  

Next attempt over the winter break on potty camp, take 2.  I seriously don't have it in me to even attempt it before the next break.   

Overall a busy but not insane Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

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Carrie77 said...

You are amazing! We got a lot done this weekend, too, but I did not work out once... unless you count decorating for the holidays as a work out. LOL. Did you see the Cyber Monday sale for Mondo? I am thinking of taking the basic Mondo class again its only $49! January is too cold for my likings for her photo class, tho!