Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My house around 8 pm, armed with 2 blank electoral maps, blue and red crayons, mom's poster from my classroom (thanks CSPAN!), and one very excited 6 year old.

Around 9 pm, watching the states be called and explaining in simplified terms about how each state gets votes based on how many people live in the state.

As promised after taking a very reluctant Ben to bed just before 10 pm that I would continue to fill in his map and let him know who won.  I wish I could be there when he opens his door to head down for breakfast.

When we were sitting on the steps of the Lincoln memorial Sunday wrapping up our trip, I told him that 4 years before I had gotten to see Mr. Obama take his oath to become President and it was something I would always remember.

I told him that I hoped he would always care about who wants to be the President and when he could vote that he would.  I told him that many important issues would be decided based on how he voted.

While "my guy" won I will not kid myself that Obama's easiest day in office was his 1st term Inauguration Day. Over 200 years ago in another contentious battle to adopt the Constitution, Madison wrote in Federalist #10 of the division that factions would bring to the new nation.

He warned against political divisions from overshadowing the most important matters facing our country. Timely advice for what will be another difficult four years ahead for our nations' leaders.

Let's move forward if at all possible, together.


LauraC said...

I will say it is awesome that we spent 2008 IMing each other and then 2012 spending it with our kids!!

Carrie77 said...

Love how you had him color the map! Great idea. :)