Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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We returned late yesterday from an overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  Thanks to a money saving Groupon room rate, mom's kick ass post-Kenya ability to only take exactly the right amount of everything, and Bill's ability to corral the boys off the waterslides, we had a great trip.

So great that I didn't even think about taking one picture to capture the moment Ian looked at the toddler area and then pointed with one finger in the air to the big kid area and said, "I not go baby slide, I big boy.  I go potty, I go big slide."  By the end of the night he had gone down the bigger kid slide into the double digits and was still going strong when Bill finally cut off his fun.

Ben especially enjoyed something we did at Blizzard Beach at WDW, obstacle course over water.  Can we say, watch Wipeout much?  He and I also played basketball in the pool and hung out on the lazy river chatting about who can win at Plants vs. Zombies. What I really liked about Great Wolf Lodge is that you have access to the water park before you can check in and after check out.  We took advantage of both and left completely worn out for the drive home.

Our room was configured so that the boys had a separate "cabin" within our room that included bunk beds.  As this was Ian's first time not his his crib, it took a good hour to get him to stay in the bed.  The reward was both boys slept until 9 am, allowing us to also sleep in as well.

So much win all around.

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LauraC said...

Sometimes you have to put the phone down and just make the memories. Sounds awesome.