Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy little trees

Yesterday after Ben's therapy appointment we stopped by a local craft store for fake magnolia leaves for the apple board in progress. 

I asked Ben if he wanted to look at art supplies and add anything to his Christmas list.  Our method in the last couple of years is to let him take pictures to his heart's content and then draw the list from his top pictures.  I cannot tell you how much whining this curbs.

He did and proceeded to take pictures with my phone (mostly blurry, as he was skipping down the aisles snapping everything he saw).

Then he stopped and picked up this and commented, "what is wrong with that man's hair?"

I got nothing other than I busted out laughing.

Once home I pulled up some vintage Bob Ross online for him to watch and he again was completely focused on his hair.

Never mind that EVERY.SINGLE.PAINTING looked identical and was ruined in the last 5 minutes of the show when he would paint a ginormous honking tree in the foreground.

Make that a happy little tree.

Just in case you need a good laugh, check out below.

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