Friday, November 2, 2012

DC Bound!

Where else would this political junkie want to be days before the election than DC!?

Actually earlier in the fall I had planned a trip with Ben to the Air and Space Museum.  Bill has upcoming weekend events with Y Guides so I thought this was a fair swap.  Plus I've really wanted some one on one time with Ben.

We are DC bound as soon after school today.  Over the past few weeks, we have checked out a few age appropriate books about DC and specifically the White House.  Ben's only request other than visiting the "cool museum with the airplane pictures" is to walk by the White House. He has been asking lots of questions about what the President does and why people vote.

I took Ben with me to early vote last week and talked over what happens at each step.  He made his own ballot and voted for himself.  We have talked a lot in the past weeks about how each side believes in specific ideas and how everyone has a say about how our government works.  We even played 270 to Win when he saw it up on my computer, working on something for class. 

Granted it was a very simplistic conversation about the electoral college but he now wants to watch some of the election returns with me Tuesday and color in a map for the states called before he goes to bed.

Earlier this week I had the chance to attend AP Government training.  A room full of Civics teachers a WEEK before the election sharing resources? 

Better than porn. 

I have loved playing both sides of this election, refusing to talk about who I am supporting and rather facilitating their discussion of the candidates, issues, and potitional outcome.  In the end, I want them to leave with some understanding how political process works and most importantly why they should care. What I think is totally irrelevant.   

One of my past students was at the DNC Convention earlier this year. He sent me a picture from the NC delegation hub with the caption, "I liked politics before I was in your class, I left loving it." Feedback like this makes all the days of write ups, oodles of parent contacts, and grading piles of work worth it.

Score one for future political junkies masquerading as high school students today, maybe two if Ben continues to show an interest.

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Carrie77 said...

I would love to take the kids to see DC, maybe when Autumn get a smidge older. Have a fun trip!