Thursday, November 22, 2012

Harvest Table 2012: The Obvious is Never Tiresome of Repeating

Thanksgiving Day 2012 was filled with children who slept late, lingering over a double pot of coffee in pjs at almost noon, watching the boys excitement over the Macy's parade, playing outside on a warm day with our neighbors.

We walked with the boys and the dog on the greenway chatting and catching up.  After lunch the boys had MUCH needed quiet time and Brian and I watched the comedy the Campaign curled up on the couch like as if we had been transported back to many a holiday past watching some movie with our dad after the holiday meal.

Brian had brought a final load from my mom's house to me to sort through.  There was a bit of sadness watching Brian bring in the last items to go through and to be quite honest this whole week I've been playing the, "wishing for one more holiday" game in my head.

We both recalled the last time our whole family was together in that disastrous Thanksgiving meal at mom's physical rehab hospital. The meal where we forgot half the food and feasted on little juices and crackers raided from the nurses station.  The one that was one of the best family meals ever.  Brian pointed to my still very sore finger and declared it's not a holiday in our family without some type of injury or hospitalization.


The food was good and didn't require an enormous effort since I had made and frozen ahead several dishes. I had bought the ham and turkey in advance and after the hand injury, resorted to paper goods to minimize clean up.  I even had the forethought to make several dishes to freeze ahead while I was prepping including an extra PW apple pie and extra pans of dressing.

But it wasn't about the food today. It was about loving every minute of this:

and this

and this

and at the end of the day this being the last thing to see before I go to bed and the first thing in the morning.

I am so incredibly blessed and surrounded by pure, unconditional love from so many people, but especially my family.

A happy Thanksgiving it was, indeed.

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LauraC said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Love the canvas gallery!