Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Harvest Table 2012- Friends in Low Place

I *intended* to write this post when I got home from having drinks with a couple of teacher friends last night, alas I got home only to watch Frontline, keep reading on my book and well... then this happened this morning before I could think about writing a post.

Yep.  That would be a Thanksgiving casualty.  As I was cleaning up from making mashed potatoes, I thought the hand mixer was unplugged.  Nope.  It wasn't, and instead I cut my finger resulting in 8 stitches and some serious swelling and pain the rest of the day.  Needless to say I purchased disposable plates and have phoned in the rest of the T day dinner.

The culprit of the injury was a brand spankin' new mixer that my friend had given me when she heard of a soup arm-burning trying to blend batches minus the proper kitchen equipment.  My friend Katie is awesome like that, leaving little gifts on my desk with kind notes and the recipient of the many yummy foods she demonstrates to her Foods I students.  She makes long days at work sweeter in ever way.  When she texted me to ask what happened, I immediately wanted her to know that outside of the injury, that my mashed potatoes were the best ever thanks to her generosity.

I am beyond blessed with adult friendships.  When we picked up our lives in 1999 I never thought I would replace my close college and high school relationships.  I was unbelievably lonely those first months in NC.  Slowly as I found work, returned to grad school, began teaching and had kids, friendships were an added bonus.  Adult friendships are harder to maintain, given the demands of work, housekeeping, spouse schedules, and the ever present needs of kids.

I  have made cultivating friendships a priority, even if it's only a quick text or FB message to check in.  I try to make regular contact to meet up, even if I'm tired or could negotiate the time would perhaps be spent staying on top of school/house work. I am blessed that in return I have friends who have become surrogate family to me.

To my friends who have listened to me with non judgement and have given me a soft place to fall, thank you.

To my friends who have continued to ask me about life on the other side of my mom's death, or Ben's issues, even when the answer is not a quick, easy to hear response, thank you.

To my friends whom I have worked at a prior schools thank you for wanting to maintain contact and getting together, thank you.

To my friends who check in on me before leaving work or leave me notes on my windshield joking about who made it out first, thank you.

To my friends who brought food, stopped by to visit me, helped me with the boys while I was recovering from surgery, thank you.

To my friends who helped financially and spiritually support me make the journey to Kenya, thank you.

To my friends, some I only know online, who stop by this space to read and sometimes comment on the mundane of my life, thank you

When I pulled out my camera last night and told my friends that I wanted to capture a quick picture, but not of them, they looked surprised.  Instead I wanted to capture evidence of the time and energy spent talking, listening, usually enjoying a drink, being thankful of the friends that mean so much to my life.


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Anonymous said...

You mean so very much to me:) I treasure our friendship. Though I may no longer see you every day at work, we will always be together friend! Love and prayers Katie