Thursday, November 15, 2012

Junior Jazzercise, the Fall Edition

We opted to sit out more sports until T-ball season again to try something new, classes at the Cary Art Center.  Ben loved the their week long summer day camp. Mom has had to accept that his often large pieces of artwork are becoming permanent fixtures in most rooms.  Solutions of how to tenderly throw out kids art accepted. 

*Thinking outloud*  Considering hosting an art gallery showing of his best pieces for some of his friends over the holidays.  Thinking of planning an art themed playdate and before we start let the kids walk room to room viewing his selections.  My thinking is we can pair down the odd 30 or so pieces down to the top 10 to keep. 

This as it seems like a double win to pair down the collection while letting him choose the most important.  Showing to friends would be self esteem building, especially if he plays docent.

We looked through the courses online and picked out three classes.  A basic drawing class teaching "Monsters, Ninjas, and Robots" that he is currently taking on Monday afternoons.  Last Saturday he did a one-day class called, "Bringing the Outside In", using natural items and learning collage technique.  Seen here is a castle built out of bark.  

In December Ben is enrolled in a ceramics class teaching him the basics of using clay.  Remember when we took a chance on the summer Jr Jazzercise class and it wound up being his favorite camp of the summer?  I'm getting the feeling that ceramics is going to be the fall edition.  

Ben keeps asking when the clay class starts and if we can go ahead and start learning at home. The awesome thing is that after he completes the basics class he is allowed to come with a parent on Sundays for kids open studio.  Basically for the price of clay you purchase from the Center the studio time, supplies and firing of pieces is included. 

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me for Ben to be engaged in something positive that he can channel extra energy.  More nights than I can count he is forgoing watching his one tv show to spend working on some type of creation.  My only ground rules are make whatever you want, but you must clean up put away all supplies.  

This past Saturday I also did a parent child class with Ian where we make a turkey for our Thanksgiving table.  Ian helped color the feathers with happy faces and scribbles, paint the dots while I glued all the parts together.  Needless to say a room full of toddlers with art supplies was organized chaos, but Ian left telling me, "I like brother Ben. My turkey."

We finished up our trip with a visit to a local drugstore, the real deal with a soda counter that still serves a killer cherry smash drink and hand dipped ice cream.  While we were waiting, the boys took advantage of the wall of toys beckoning small hands. 

Interestingly there was a student there taking pictures for a school photography project involving landmarks in Cary.  She came over and asked if she could include a picture the boys playing.  Before she could finish telling me about the project, I looked at her and said, " just go for it."

Go for it is my moto with Ben (and Ian as well) on exploring new interests. I'm hoping in making the biggest mess possible they will discover a life long interest in the process. 


Carrie77 said...

That turkey is AWESOME! I love original crafts like that!

Kellie said...

Have you ever seen the Novogratz show on HGTV? They have some great creative solutions for art work. A couple of weeks ago they had come scanned onto a sheet of plastic and made a light box. I thought that was neat because you could have more made and rotate if you wanted. They have done some cute things like that.