Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jr. Jazzercise- Not a Groupon Fail

Conversation about summer camps for Ben.

Bill:  What camps are the boys signed up for this summer?

Heather:  Did you look at the Google Doc I sent you?  I included where each of us including myself will be week by week.  I also included a list of free or nearly free places to go for the days when I'm home all day.  Maybe you could take a day off and join us? It's also posted on the fridge in bright neon green, you can't miss it.

Bill:  How much time did you spend on this?

Heather: Too much, but to my credit I was giving final exams and sleeping would get me fired.  

Bill:  Why is "Jr. Jazzercise" listed for Ben? Are you serious?  Is this some type of Groupon gone wrong?

Heather:  It's taught by one of the 1st grade teachers at his school and I've heard other parents rave about this class.

Bill: Define "rave" as right now I'm picturing is Ben in a Flashdance era one-sleeved shirt and legwarmers.

Heather:  Try an Olympics themed 1/2 day camp.  Each day has water play, a craft, snack, and then games  related to the Olympics.

Bill:  Ok, but I'm relegating any tshirts with the word "Jazzercise" to only to be worn to sleep in.

Heather:  Hater.

I'll have to admit everyday at pick up I noticed the overly perky instructor setting up the 5 pm class and wanted to ask if 'What a Feeling" was on the playlist.  By Friday Ben had already asked if

1.  The camp teacher would be his 1st grade teacher
2.  Decided if she wasn't his teacher he would come visit her daily on the 1st grade hall
3.  I would download Ice, Ice Baby for our car playlist.  I sadly broke into the first line when he walked out in this outfit. The jury is out on if I really want to hear this piece of 90s pain all.summer.long.

He had a blast and loved the camp, was super proud of his parts in the final performance including a solo in "Everybody Was Ku Fu Fighting", and was well behaved with no time outs at all during the camp. SCORE.

As far as the rest of the 1/2 day camps we are doing Art Outside the Box (using everyday items to make things like cars and rockets), the Secret Forrest at a local Nature Preserve, and a full week at all day camp with the town of Cary.  The last camp will be a couple of friends from his elementary school.

Will be back for Jr. Jazzercise?

Let me stop, collaborate and listen and tell you 

Hell yes.   

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Carrie77 said...

There is a Jazzercise within walking distance of my house. I had NO idea they had Jr. Jazzercise. Ha! Learn something new every day!