Monday, December 3, 2012

Kicking off December with a bang

Welcome December filled with busy days and weekends.

We are doing our Advent calendar a little different this year with some type of family activity each day. I'll post later this week what is making the list for Holiday 2012.

First up the Town of Cary Santa Workshop- I've taken Ben for the past few years and thought Ian was old enough to join this year.  I went with the pretense that we would stay one hour tops head in during the 2nd half when the crowd had thinned out.  I had planned for us to walk downtown and eat lunch at the local soda counter, but when Ian was tuckered out and Ben complaining of headache we headed home.

Sunday we headed to the early service at church and then to the New Hope Valley Railway.  For two weekends in December they add a Santa who hands out candy and visits as the train makes an hour loop through the backwoods of NC.

I took advantage of the chance to capture a fun afternoon playing around with our camera's manual settings and the light streaming into the car.

Some favorites from the day-

And my favorite of the day


Beth said...

Gorgeous pictures! Everyone looks very happy. :-)

Michele said...

You made the right call on bailing on Ashworth's. We headed down there a little after one, and the line was CRAZY. They had two food trucks outside. One taco truck and the other with an elderly couple serving hamburgers/hot dogs. We waited probably 30 minutes.