Wednesday, December 8, 2010

" falling back on all those that love you"

Another post written but I'm sitting on it, letting it simmer, re-edit and decide if I really have the courage to put it out there. My after kids went to bed all hell broke loose. again. same story. every holiday season situation surfaced. I fucking lost it in an all out unbridged rage tirade. Not proud in the morning after.

We were in the car when the news broke of Elizabeth Edwards death late yesterday. This was not unexpected given the press release on Monday, but still it was a punch in the gut.

I cannot even begin to put into words as beautifully as Jen Lemen did on a post about meeting her at Blogher. The pictures alone capture why I think so many of us connected with her. Her ability to communicate candidly and honestly. Her very public persona about raising children, marriage and the end of marriage, battling illness, and in general living a fulfilled life found an audience. She was in her own right more than the proverbial politician's wife because of her authenticity.

Just as we were about to start ivf last year Laura in her quiet and compassion way, showed up at Ben's 3rd birthday party with a frozen food for our freezer and a basket filled with things to sustain and nourish the upcoming insane time. I posted a write up and review in the midst of the craziest month ever.

Among the items was Edwards book, Resilience. This book was of comfort detailing how she found strength and resolve. I later passed it on with a note to another friend facing a difficult situation with this sentence marked, "in a time of sorrow, fall back on all those who love you." How comforting and the first person I hope Elizabeth was able to hold yesterday morning was her precious Wade.

Elizabeth was a local celebrity in Raleigh and I regret all the times that she appeared at local venues that I didn't take the opportunity to meet her. I take away that despite her critics that she was a class act, never to be deterred by what life handed her. She lived her life to the fullest with no regrets.

If ever someone was living Mondo it was Elizabeth Edwards.


LauraC said...

Pretty fitting that you read that book at the time of your IVF and now look... Ian crawling under the tree. Good things do happen.

Hope you can make it tonight! Know it's a crazy time so if not, see you on Sunday.

Beth said...

Beautiful post and tribute, Heather. Sorry you lost it last night. But you're only human. Lord knows I've been there, and probably will be again in the not-too-distant future. Hugs!