Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evil Genius aka Happy 8 Months Ian

Doesn't he look like he plotting the downfall of the world? Or whatever he can get into from his vantage point.

The past months have seen sitting without support, crawling, speed crawling, and as of last week, pulling up on furniture. Seriously, in ONE month.

I'm just tired thinking about him at 18 months.

Favorite toys at 8 months are shape sorters, any type of container to throw toys, soft cars, and anything that Ben is playing with to steal and crawl away.

Ben has really come into his own as the protector big brother. Thank God.

As we round out 2010 I cannot imagine anything that brings me more joy than watching this relationship develop.


Anonymous said...

When I look at that picture, I envision Monty Burns saying "excellent" while thrumming his fingers together. Evil Genius!

Beth said...

So freakin' cute! What a sweetheart. I definitely want to meet the boys in person. Maybe Pres. Day weekend? Might be coming your way for a visit! And isn't the big-brother-protective thing the best? William is crazy protective and it's so sweet. I hope it's always that way!