Monday, December 6, 2010

2 Miles, Mimosas, Santa's Workshop, & SNOW-Real and Fake

As much as I am trying to protect the month of December it seems like almost every day is CRAZY.INSANE.BUSY.

The highlights since my posts from Thursday and Friday never made it out of draft form.

10.5 hours at the gym last week. This included running 2 full miles without stopping in 28 mins. Go me. My 2011 plans are quickly being re-evaluated to push it further. Go Me, again.

Thursday, we rode the Santa Train at Science and Life. This was our first year as we normally opt for the Pullen Park Santa Event. I'm glad we had tickets for the 5:20 pm train early in the event opening. It was packed as we were leaving. Fun time, but we will be back to Pullen next year for the sheer amount of times you can ride the train.

Saturday, Ben and I went to Santa's Workshop in Cary. This was a first for this event but it's a repeat. In 1.5 hours we made 8 easy crafts (some of which are now gmom gifts),met Santa, watched a local ballet company or the "pretty ladies", and then walked to a local pharmacy with an old time soda fountain for lunch.

I headed downtown Raleigh for a quickly moved up birthday party for an old teaching friend. Think mimosas, then gourmet cupcakes, a birthday party minus screaming kids, then the 1st snow of the season. PERFECT. It was lovely to see her and recant stories of dragging 60 kids on a scavenger hunt through the Smithsonian. Somehow I kept being introduced to new faces over lunch as, "I've never met you, but your stories seem to live on."

Sat night we ordered take out and watched Peanuts Christmas. We built another piece in the Lego Countdown calendar and enjoyed a night in as the snow came down.

Sunday we headed over for a fake snow event at a local park. When I booked the tickets in early Nov I had no idea that there would be actual SNOW on the ground for real. Bill and Ben sledded while I stayed home with a sleeping baby (YAY) and pile of school work. Ten bucks that Ian has his own sled next year. His new found mobility is keeping me busy.

I wrapped up the weekend by venturing out for a performance of the Messiah. Usually Bill and I go to Duke for the full-on 3 hour version, but we opted to use the babysitter for our anniversary next week. Bill thanked me and I loved 2 whole hours of bliss.

This week is Crazy busy, but then I bet yours is too.

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