Monday, December 20, 2010

10 for 2010

Since I proclaimed Friday that 2010 has been an awesome year, here's the last 10ish days of the year to ponder how:

10. Fulling or at least trying to live in the moment with the kids

This was my only real New Years Resolution for 2010. If I were grading myself I would get a C+ for follow through and an A/B+ for effort.

On the drive this weekend I was thinking about how much time and energy went into trying to make this goal a reality. I tend to be a want to be doing, not sitting on the sidelines watching, or even worse substituting stuff to fill up the relationship with the kids.

Not surprisingly, I have bought zilch of the Christmas gifts for the boys minus a few items. Enter in Bill last night who was pulling out items he's been buying for the boys throughout the fall on sale. He's missed his calling to be a personal shopper (for kids.) He commented that he's been trying to find toys that they boys can play together with given how much Ian is trying to keep up.

Yesterday afternoon I got back and Bill desperately needed some kid-free time. He looked a little battle-worn but commented that overall the kids did great. Huge thanks for a 2nd weekend of solo parenting. He took off to see TRON again and we went to a Christmas party and made this beauty. I especially like the pretzel guns and the tokens for steps. Ben told me they were bombs in case someone tried to eat his house. NICE.

As we head into these last two weeks of the year I am determined to not let the events going on at home dampen the holiday with the kids. Ben is so excited about all things Christmas and I want it to be a special week. We still have several items to mark off our Big Holiday Fun list including making cookies, writing a letter to Santa, and more driving to see lights.

Tomorrow night is our final date night with Ben for 2010. It was my week anyway but I mentioned to Bill I wanted to do the last one of the year. For all the ways I have tried to make time a priority, date night is a super positive for 2010 and a goal of making the time with the kids really count.

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LauraC said...

I also find it tough to slow down from the doing and just be. It doesn't help with two kids and often-gone husband, seems like I always have too much on my plate!