Monday, January 3, 2011


Simple Mom's resolutions post nailed why most are abandoned in the after holiday letdown, you set up yourself up with unrealistic expectations. Using their template I want to focus on setting reachable goals with logical and do-able steps in 2011.

Last year I made one resolution, to make every effort to live in the moment with the kids. While really not a measurable goal I did try everyday to find the little moments, even the mundane to connect with the kids.

Today's 2011 Goal how to use my blog in 2011.

1. Starting with the first Monday of a new month posting a snapshot of what I want to get done. I find when I give myself a few daily goals with a small list of month- long goals, then they are much more attainable. I'm all for crazy productivity, but I have found that built in down time is a sanity saver.

My January 2011 Goals-

Health related appointments galore: Mammogram, plastic surgery consult, and mole check on board by month end.

See one movie in a movie theater minus children. Black Swan vs Blue Valentine are the contenders.

Celebrate my 36th birthday!!!

Investigate test item writing for additional income

Try to keep reasonable bedtime and wrap up all grading by 10 pm

Start to evaluate any magnet kindergarten options for Ben and set up school visits if applicable

Attempt to log 20 miles and/or 10 hours per week in Move It 2011

2. I really loved Motherhood Uncensored 30 Days to Better Parenting Challenge from last summer. I'm making working through all 30 a goal over 2011. I want to use my blog to keep tabs on how I'm trying these ideas with the boys.

3. Goal to keep my freeze ahead blog going with a post a week. Over the weekend I made Chicken Tagine with Olives and Lemon for dinner with some to freeze ahead. Recipe from Cover and Bake by Cooks Illustrated. All plans to get it posted TODAY!

From my month long hiatus last October I realized that writing these posts are a time commitment. By the end of 2010 I was glad that I had posted through some of highs and lows of the year.

It's funny that some of the posts I sat on and really debated putting out there were the ones that really defined my year. I heard via FB message from a couple of college and high school friends that I had no idea read my daily ramblings.

Thanks, and while I write this for myself, it's also nice to know that something made you laugh, or you appreciated my honesty, or you are left wondering if spelling/grammar is a requirement for a SC high school diploma.

Who knew my little blog that started to keep up with my Summer 2007, One Hundred To- Do Items would still be going 3 years later and my primary source for remembering being thirtysomthing.

Besides how else would I remember to check in with the Bloggess and her most recent entry of How Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas.

Happy 2011 Blogging.

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