Friday, September 3, 2010

Phone Photo Friday...What Was I Worried About?

Going for 5/5 fabulous, wonderful, no tears only bashful at drop off days at the new school. Ben has been talking up a storm about all the new people (including our next door neighbor's child in his class), homework!, teachers, and the new foods he's trying on the no thank you bite mantra.

YES!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IN MY WILDEST DREAMS I HOPED TO HAPPEN. Afternoons are now kiddo time exclusively thanks to simply having more time.

So on the "I thought that changing your status to WAHM was going to mean more time" it's been a busy week.

-First full week of online class. Busy, busy calling kids, schools, setting up student records.

-Working on the Freeze Ahead Blog (up to 15 entries... so far) and NEED to post about writing for my friend's blog since she posted and tweeted the entry 4 days ago. Sorry Amy :-(

-Need to do a HHI beach recap before we forget we went. Although being on a speeding 6 man boat trying to outrun a afternoon rainstorm doing 40 mils/hr holding unto Ben for dear life, this will not be soon forgotten. Note, being on a speeding boat was the highlight of Ben's vacation.

-Managed to get in 2 appointments, 4 work outs at the gym, a book club, and a bunch of housework in between 24/7 baby tending.

-My knee has gone from red, purple, black, green, and today YELLOW. It's still sore but SO MUCH BETTER. I feel a little silly that we wasted time and $$$ at Urgent Care

-Going to bed. Just finished writing a online tutoring review I have to run at 7:30 am. NO one should be learning about Naturalization before 9am and a pot of coffee.

Happy Labor Day weekend. Plans here to meet up with friends both Friday night and again on the holiday to grill out. Good bye summer, what a ride you have been.

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LauraC said...

So so so happy to hear the news!!! Will catch up with you this week. We HAVE to be on Wednesday as Friday is Jon's snip. Single momming it next weekend all weekend!