Friday, September 24, 2010

Video Post Friday- Why I Foresee Many Co-Pays Before Age 18

It's been a long, crazy week. I've had a lot of work as the class is in full swing, and I haven't been sleeping as well again lately. But then there is this problem called a 5 month old Ian. Don't skip it the video for the story... it makes sense why this 2nd child is nothing like the first.

PLAY ME for 15 sec of pure baby goodness. Turn up the sound for even more fun.

In the past couple of weeks Ian is pushing up on all fours rocking,rocking, then getting stuck/frustrated and then collapsing. I think unlike Ben, who was as average as it got on developmental milestones, is going to be mobile much earlier. I also think we have a potential climber and into everything earlier child. Most likely in trying to keep up with an active older brother.

Ian pulls up on all fours over, and over, and over. He could do this for an hour on the floor until he collapses in exhaustion. He hates to not be where he can be mobile. We have abandoned the swing, bouncy, and Bumbo to the attic as they are pointless as a baby sitter.

Enter in Wednesday night as I am feeding him the two bowls of oatmeal topped off by 2 full bottles. This is Ian's am and pm routine. I imagine that I'm likely going to have to sell my kidney to feed him at age 18.

It's almost 7pm, feeding kids at the table hoping that Bill might make it home to eat with us. No sign of him. Ian is strapped into his chair chewing on a bib while I go to make another bottle. We are 15 mins and home free for baths, books, and bed.

Massive, huge thud followed by screaming. Screaming also by a very scared Ben who is now rummaging the freezer for ice pops to put on Ian's head.

Somehow Ian managed to work his way free and slide under hitting the floor face down. A hardwood, no rug on it due to the peeing dog, floor to be exact.

Needless to say the next 15 mins were spent soothing him, checking him over and being unbelievably grateful that all seemed to be ok.

I called our Peds office to speak with the after hours nurseline to see if we could go to Urgent Care over the ER based on his totally normal appearance. Bill by this time had gotten home, corralled a now hysterical Ben who was chasing the dog in full fireman gear brandishing a fireplace broom as a sword.

After a major disagreement with the peds after hours line involving my cursing, I headed to Urgent Care getting there 10 mins before they closed. I begged them to see us even though we were 3 weeks shy of not being punted directly to Big Wake Med Hospital with kid emergencies. Big Wake is great, but also a good 30 more mins away and likely a multi hour wait in germy nastiness.

They took us and proceeded to have at least 5 different staff to ask me to repeat what happened. My guess was to make sure it was not intentional and based on my frazzled appearance I probably needed someone to ask me to repeat the story.

All was good and we were home much earlier than if we had been booted cross town.

So this morning you can guess how tight I pulled the straps on the high chair while I once again was getting Ben out the door and working with my early am class.

Something tells me Ian Vinson will one day be referred to as "the Neck" as he plays full contact sports. All bets that he will kick Ben's ass for tormenting him. I predict both before age 5.

In all seriousness this was a major wake up call that we need to be on guard now and rebabyproof sooner rather than later.

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LauraC said...

Dang. You do know Alex was fully crawling at 6 months and walking at 10 months, right. You probably don't remember. I would say 99% of the babyproofing in our house was because of Alex. I can do a walk through to help out if you want because let me tell you, if Ian ends up being like Alex, you will go crazy with the chaos!

Check out this video of Alex climbing on top of a non-mobile Nate and stealing his paci: