Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ch..Ch...Check it out!

Over the week at the beach I found myself up most nights late. Actually in my perfect world minus kids that get up before 7 am, I would stay up every night in my zone of 10-2am when I am most productive.

Part of the week I worked on what has been a 2010 resolution, to start to digitize my fav freeze ahead recipes and begin to load them onto a separate website. I added a link to my sidebar and am hoping that I can update a couple of times a week and compile 100 by end of the year.

The plan is for an early week post about what's on tap for weekend cooking session with a grocery list. Later in the week post a main dish as well as a side/veggie/appetizer during the week. Most every Saturday I am making something in triplicate and keeping 12-15 dishes/month in the freezer. Go Me! Although frozen waffles do make the rounds on super busy nights rest assured.

So far my Favorite recipe one for Steak Skewers with blue Cheese dipping sauce and the best summer grill marinade for Honey Glazed Chicken. Plans to make Heirloom Tomato Tart this weekend to use up the last of my crop.

I also added a link for my friend's Disney blog that I'm writing group articles for on a monthly basis. If you are thinking doing Disney because you can flush a $100 bill down the toilet and not flinch then check out the site, lots of good travel advice. I have a post there today topic doing WDW with a preschooler.

To the blogroll I added several new places that I have started lurking around after finding them on Twitter. My favorite being the Bloggess. I think I may have found someone who enjoys cursing more than me. Is that possible?

Also I added the 30 Day Better Parent Challenge. I think I'm going to try this once I finish up my Sept project, but instead of doing it over 30 days try one a week for several months with a weekly post on how I'm trying the idea at our house. I think I would explode to do all 30 suggestions back to back.


LauraC said...

Have you seen all of Bloggess' blogs? Her advice column will make you cry from laughter.

Do you have an RSS feed set up for your cooking blog? Have Bill set it up or else people will never read. HA!

If you like Bloggess, check out:

Barefoot Foodie
Sarah and the Goon Squad

Anonymous said...

Heading over to check out Bloggess right now. I find it hard to believe that anyone enjoys swearing as much as I do. And I second LC's suggestions.

Oh, and if I ever get the chest freezer we've been meaning to buy for about a year now, I'll definitely be freezing ahead, too.