Monday, September 13, 2010

Putting it on the back burner

We had a good but busy weekend. Both Friday and Sat nights I hit bed early which is totally unlike the norm. I watched a movie in bed, the other finished one book and started another really great book of short stories. I think the short story genre was invented JUST FOR ME and my attention span of a gnat.

Speaking of bugs on Saturday we headed to Bugfest at a downtown Raleigh museum. This was our first trip to the annual event with Ben (Ian came too) and we had fun but given the growing lunchtime crowd left after a couple of hours. Ben especially had fun at the Bug Olympics of kid friendly obstacle course events.

Bill took Ben to his first Basketball practice early Sat am. We opted to do something at our gym over yet another place to shuttle a child to this fall. We are trading taking/watching the practice and taking him to our existing parent date night on Tues so we both get individual time with Ben. Yes, it is making a difference.

Saturday afternoon Ben pulled a Sybil and so nasty and obstinate that we canceled our pm plans and put him in bed at 7pm. Bill and I were out loud counting the time until we could reasonably put him in bed without a 4 am wake up call. I believe there was a fist bump around 7:05 pm that we made it. It felt like the 5 hour fight that no amount of time outs and trying to break it could touch.

Sunday we opted for somehow to make it a better day. But, before 8 am I was scrubbing sharpie off his arm. And by 9 the entire screened in porch looked like a tornado had hit. Bill had already made plans to escape, sorry I mean leave to enjoy a preplanned movie, so I stayed home and literally held down the fort.

We tried out Baby Einstein on Ian over the weekend and as expected, he was mesmerized. Note Ben was too and asked to watch it again over WordGirl. Who's the baby in this house? I did even manage to call every student in my class for Sunday check in between the boys zoning in front of the TV and double naps.

We opted to try our Sat night plans again after naps/attitude and headed out to grill out with friends. On the way we stopped to get Ben's Halloween costume. We are going to be at Disney the week of Halloween and are going to a Magic Kingdom wide Halloween party. Yes it will be insane with trick o treating throughout the park, dance parties, parades, and of course fireworks. YES we are going and are dressing up as characters from Toy Story based on Ben wanting to be Buzz. We are Woody and Jessie and Ian is going to be Mr. Potato Head. GO ahead and comment on how cute we are going to be OR that I am dressing up as a Disney character.

I LOVE Ben's costume. He was so giddy trying it on that I was on a high of happiness bought him two shirts to wear at Disney. Note, buy at home not when you get there to avoid the crazy marked up price.

We had a nice evening, grilled sesame ribs and honey glazed chicken were perfect and as usual there was loud, crazy, boy madness echoing through the house involving masks, swords, Leggos, and as always the trampoline.

Post on Freeze Ahead blog later today to plan this week's session of Sheppards Pie with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes and Cornbread Dressing.


Anonymous said...

I have dozens of short story collections on my bookshelves - we need to talk!

I'm picking up the Bender book later this morning, fingers crossed it will be good for discussion. Oh, and I think Franzen's book would be really good on audio - so as soon as you have time to give it a read or listen, DO IT! It's so good.

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