Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does Tim Gunn Makes Housecalls for Halloween Costume Bailouts

Sept Minnie Mom post up today! Topic- Preventing Cranky Kids (and Spouses) at Disney.

Speaking of Disney, we are leaving in 3 Weeks! We started a countdown chart this weekend as well as bought the rest of our costume materials. As we are going to the Magic Kingdom wide Halloween party while there we had to have themed family costumes. Yes, I'll repeat, family costumes that needed to be G rated. After all hoeing it up at Disney my guess will get you booted by Park Officials. All bets are off for anything lewd with Chip and Dale.

So back to the costumes. We let Ben be the deciding factor based on what he wanted to be. He picked Buzz Lightyear after seeing Toy Story 3 with Bill. He's being playing "Infinity and Beyond" a game of Buzz Lightyear crashing into Leggo Buildings most of the past couple of months so I was safe to assume that we were going as Toy Story Characters.

Bill- Woody, Heather- Jessie, Baby Ian- Mr. Potato Head

We had planned for this to be a Bill/Ben event and then I started reading about the party, trick or treating throughout the part, a parade, special fireworks, and dance parties. All the rides are decked out to be family-spooky as well as all thecCharacters in costumes.

So once again, I drank the Kool-aid and am going with the pretense that if someone has to go back with a fussy Baby, I volunteer.

This weekend we picked up the the remaining items for the costumes I have to make. Disclaimer here: I don't know how to sew, don't own a machine, am frankly scared of how bad the Cow Print Vest for Bill, Cow print chaps with the tackiest gold/red fringe for me, the wagon wheels in red sequins I have to create on both shirts, and then Ian's whole Costume are going to turn out. One of the patterns is called,"SEW EASY." My ass this is going to be easy.

Needless to say, I have started already.

I mentioned to a friend last night on the phone our family plans. He quickly responded with the line below. Note** Only a few short years ago at his annual Halloween party I had gone full out as a dominatrix (also at my lowest weight, I'll add.)

"Heather, to think you have gone from showing up leading Bill in by a dog collar that read Daddy, to a Disney Character from a movie you likely slept through, yeah you have really fallen a long, long way into Married with Kids territory"

Well said. So I promise to make my cow print chaps very family friendly and only to make an appearance while hanging out with Chip and Dale.

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Growing Up Disney said...

I think the dominatrix costume would earn you a trip to Securityland.