Thursday, September 23, 2010

What The Heck? Ben-Age 4

Sleeping in shifts overnight after a LOOONG evening. Thankfully everyone is asleep and come 2 am I will be too.

Onto the funny...

We finally had the told you so moment over dinner the other night. Ben started saying, "what the heck" about something only important to him. Bill and I both looked up with shocked faces. Already knowing the answer, I asked where he had heard that phrase.


***NOTE*** Don't ask questions like this and really expect the answer you WANT to hear.

He must have picked up from my mom just got schooled look and preceded to repeat, "what the heck, what the heck, what the heck" at least a good 10 more times, hysterically laughing in between.

Bill had to excuse himself he couldn't contain laughing and didn't want to encourage more repetition or giving Ben the audience he SO wanted.

Part of me thought, what he was saying COULD have been SO much worse.

But this is pause to take note of all those times I am cursing under my breath, dying to spat out a litany of foul words.

One can only push it so far before he figures out what my kid substitute phrases "fudge pocket, cats and dogs, and gravy boat" really mean.

So what the heck will come out of his mouth next?

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Beth said...

LOL. William started using, "What the . . . " at school, which is almost worse than "what the heck." Even worse, many of his friends picked it up. His teacher was not happy. Whoops! Two other phrases that he has started using, which clearly give away our heathen household, are "Oh my God," And "Jesus!" That last one is particularly bad. Other phrases that I often let fly are, "Dad Nabbit," and "Jiminy Crickets." And I have been known to say, "Son-of-a" (without the ending, of course), which is equally offensive. So yeah, you can see who has the potty mouth in our house!