Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Months!

Are you kidding me? My squishy sleepy newborn is now a full on baby. The last month has seen starting solids and refusal to be on his back or the swing for any amount of time. This boy is a wiggle worm. He's reaching and grabbing for toys to hold, vocalizing and laughing. Oh the laughing! May I hear that sweet sound on the most stressful of days.

I totally won the baby lottery!

We have just moved to the exersaucer/bouncer with lots of blankets for support. Ian also loves to be on the floor rolling and is pulling his head, arms, and legs off the ground in a swimming motion. His current favorite toy is a tripod mirror best viewed on his tummy.

I think he is going to be mobile much earlier than Ben, and who would blame him living with big brother who in the same breath tries to protect him and share his gazillion cars but also attempts to play full contact sports with him.

Ben has finally turned the corner on understanding Ian's not going to be returned. For family picture day he told me he only wanted a picture of him and his brother :-)

Ian is game for daily walks with the dog to the park as long as he has his teether, keys, and taggie all linked together to chew. We are hitting the everything in the mouth stage, socks being the appetizer for most any toy.

What I would not do to freeze time at this age of no whining, tantrums, procrastinating, telling of long drawn out stories with no end.

Just pure, joyous, yummy baby goodness.

Happy 5 months sweet boy-

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