Monday, August 30, 2010

Giving Cookie Fleck A Limp For the $$$

Pic/wrap up from Hilton Head coming soon, but I can't NOT comment on yesterday. After spending a week eating my weight in seafood we made a 2 hour appointment in the child activity area for the boys so we could hit the gym, then the pool with Ben.

The *plan* was to go to a am spin class while Bill did Couch to 5k. We got there late, so no spin class. I instead I opted of the elliptical with plans for weights and core afterwards. At 10 am I decided to change to the Stairmaster so I could watch Meet the Press and finish cardio.

I was getting off and bam... hit the final step up under my kneecap. Holly Hell I was in pain. I tried walking around and even got the treadmill at a super slow pace thinking that moving it would help and I could walk it off.

I looked like Cookie Fleck from Best in Show dragging her leg showing her Norwich Terrier before the Captain took over with his 2 left feet.

Bill and met up and I was nearly in tears. I wanted to just go home and ice it and put it up, but Bill overriding my usual stubbornness took me to the Urgent Care. This with a hangry and whiny Ben, and Ian who has taken to screaming, not just crying anytime we put him in the car. Yes, all 8 hours home Friday from HHI were spent crying escalating to screaming.

Good times, Good times....

Note that this didn't happen on the drive down but has happened every SINGLE time I have put him in the car since Friday. Can we say our drive in October for family vacay will be done at night, even if Bill and I succumb to taking Speed to stay up to drive in shifts.

Back to my knee, which after 4 x rays, my refusal to get in a wheelchair and decision to instead walk out, and then most of the afternoon fighting with Bill to stay off my feet it's only severely bruised and swollen.

A fav pic from a really great trip. Wrap up coming soon as well as a link for my recent guest post for a friend's blog.

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Beth said...

That sucks! (The knee thing.) I hope you have been taking it easy, and I'm glad it's just a bruise (as painful as that must be). And AWESOME that Ben had a good first day. I hope the week continues to go well! Hugs!