Friday, September 17, 2010

Phone Photo Friday- My glass is 1/2 awesome

I ran into someone from my old school yesterday at preschool pick up. Her first words were you look really happy. I was a little taken aback as I was getting baby out of the car and schlepping it inside like normal. Without any hesitation I said, "yeah, I am and I think taking the year and working part time was a really good decision."

There's so much more I want to say about this whole transition, the components that are making it successful, and how it's impacting me/family,

But not today.

Just know that this is what I have been waking up to do the last few weeks: "office" set up on our screened in porch, laptop (with anything that gets me sidetracked... ie personal email, twitter, fb turned off until I get slug through teaching class each day), stuff to run the class including the ever present to do list of student, parent, school contacts to make, and always a giant mug of coffee.

I am really happy. Unbelievably happy that I took this leap of faith and am committed to making it work. Minus the lack of adult conversation during the day and juggling baby care with work, it is one of the best decisions made in a really long time.

For the future, I need to trust my instincts when a long time whisper becomes a loud screaming voice telling you that change is needed.


LauraC said...

Heather I have been thinking that ever since you made the decision. The entire time I've known you, this is the happiest and most energetic you look. Awesome decision.

Now please tell me that once we move, it will be the right decision because the stress is killing me right now!

Beth said...

I am so happy for you! And boy--it makes me think. I don't feel overwhelmed all the time, but just enough that I start to think, "What if?" But my job is not nearly as stressful as full-time teaching. (And probably not as stressful as part-time teaching!) At any rate, LOVE the photo and all that it entails.