Thursday, September 30, 2010


Another successful date night with Ben this week. We opted for a picnic on our rain-free Tuesday night. We fed ducks, hit the playground having a Ben vs Mom swing competition. Bonus points were scored when we sat and watched a man fishing who showed Ben how to remove the hook and then let him fill up his bucket with water for the fish.

Lately I find myself laughing out loud at his 4 year old logic. For as much as he drives us nuts with the incessant questions, the arguing, the attempts to do everything for himself, there is a sweetness to this age that come 5 I am going to miss.

Some examples from the past week:

"I'm wearing my underwear backwards so everyone can see my Transformer"

"Do Mommies wear transformer underwear?"

"Everyone likes my underwear" "Do you like my underwear?"

"I want to be a hockey man, no wait, a helicopter man who drives a rainbow helicopter"

"Do they make rainbow helicopters? Why not? They would make me happy"

"I want to see a rabbit party. Do they have rabbit parties here? I don't want a squirrel party. I don't like squirrels. They make my dog crazy!"

Ben, "why are you getting more than 10 books at our weekly library trip. These 2 are for babies, let's find something else."

"Mommy, I got them for Baby Ian. Can you help me read them to him?"

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

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