Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tree Whisperer

Multiple posts up on Freeze Ahead Frenzy since last update. I'm VERY excited about planned Tomato Soup with Salsa Verde and using up the last of any good summer tomatoes. This is a freezer to crockpot meal. SO EASY!

I have been wanting to visit the Talking Tree Trail at Jordan Lake since Notes from a Chapel Hill Mom posted this summer.

Sunday after naps (Ben included!) we headed out, managed to get totally lost, almost witnessed a seen from Deliverance on a wrong turn, and finally get to the location. NOTE.. the address is wrong on the linked post.

Bill said multiple times Saturday that I was totally overselling this nature hike and Ben was going to be disappointed. And... true to form at one point he turned to us and said, "where are the trees that talk" not totally picking up that we were listening to stories about trees not actual trees with voices.

The trail itself took only about 30 mins. Maybe longer if you take into consideration Ben's questions, racing to the next tree (for more questions), and then admitting he really had to pee. So not only did we talk to the trees, he peed on one. What an ironic milestone of public peeing in all places?

What is great about this location is you can also explore a helicopter and bulldozer near the trail both retired from State park service. Picnic facilities are also close although we opted to head out to dinner instead since we had gotten a late start and mom forgot to pack a picnic.

Also close are several entrances to Lake Jordan's beaches and boat launches. If heading out here again I think I would plan for a longer day at the lake. This is a must do again and makes me plan more nature hikes with Ben this fall since our pockets were filled with rocks, leaves, and sticks on the ride home.

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Beth said...

The helicopter and bulldozer are awesome! That in and of itself would have made the trip worth it for us. Glad you soldiered on and enjoyed the venture, despite the detour and Bill's nay-saying! LOL